Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have to say, my energy levels have felt 100% better this week than the last 2 weeks. I was experiencing this unbelievable phenomena of tiredness on my runs. And not just on one or two...but ALL OF THEM! Not sure if it had to do with calorie timing, i.e- waiting too long after eating to run, but after a week with no runs over 90 minutes I seem to have my pep back in my running step!

Today, I met up with Jen Segger for a run. I should have known it was going to be an uphill faster paced run! Funny thing, her heart rate was uncharacteristically high @ 166....haha....I wasn't wearing my monitor but I can assume by my lack of answering her questions that it was somewhere in the 170's-180's! But, hills aren't my forte, and thus, I was just happy to be getting my butt pushed. The run was logging road styles, and I would compare it to running up old mountain highway, a workout I miss. My body responds well to workouts like this, sustained climbing where I run uphill for upwards to an hour. I mean, this mirrors much of what we end up running in ultra's right. Glad to have found that in Squamish...and the downhill reward at the end is always so sweet.

Last weekend, Peter and I took a mini getaway to my family's cabin in Glacier, WA. I got my long run out of the way on Friday after work, so I wouldn;t have to worry about it there. We Saturday morning climbing here in Squish because the weather was perfect and after a few spins up the wall we headed out. We took my car for the first time ever, and it was the first time, with Peter, that I had driven across the Border. I must say, it was a breeze getting through. I was only asked where we were going and nothing else. When Peter drives we always get the run around, where are you going, what do you do for work, etc etc. I`d like to think it was because of my smiles and chipper attitude but maybe it`s because they don`t really think that I could have actually kidnapped Peter and am stealing him across the border!!! Muahahahahaha....(evil laugh).

(k, weather not looking so hot, but it was nice)

(eating an apple in the snow!)

We had a great dinner at Milano`s the local Italian eatery. Yum in my tum. Then back to the cabin for a soak in the hot tub! Oh, how I wish I had one of these at home. Sunday we went ski touring up Baker. It was awesome and we managed to have really great weather. So much so that I burnt my face and have a sick sunglasses tan! I was suppose to do a running photoshoot with a local photographer this wednesday but he had to cancel, good thing because I didnt tell him about my glasses tan! After ski it was hot tub round 2 and then off to the North Fork for worlds greatest thin crust pizza (house meat it is!).

Side note: There are a few places in and around the Mt. Baker area one must go: (1) The wake`n`bakery- THE place for coffee and a treat if need be, located in Glacier, WA (2) Milano`s for a more `upscale` dinner, also in Glacier, WA (3) The North Fork, this is located about 5 minuutes off the turn off towards Bellingham from the Mt. Baker hwy. They brew their own beer as well. Last but not least (4) Ed&Ailleen (ed-a-leen) Dairy for a swirl soft served in the bank! (yes I just said that). It`s located about 3 minutes from the Abbotsford border crossing on the U.S side. If it were Peter driving, he would have crossed it both ways but I am a Sumas border kid. It`s the crossing my parents always took us when we were kids going to the`s all I know!

(photo from google search)

I am looking forward to a great weekend of I don`t know what yet. Perhaps a run on Sunday with the Tenderfoot Boogie training run group here in Squamish.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(haha picture will make sense once you get to the bottom of the that I actually found this after writing my post!!!!!!!)

I always feel as though I should have all this amazing content in order to write a post...but...I don't. No crazy pictures, I keep telling myself to get better at that. I was reading a few food blogs today and one girl posts 3 times a day. I can wake up at 5:30am to go to work and read what this girl already had for breakfast (earlier time zone). For some reason, you just get addicted to wanting to know what Kath had for breakfast! Then I realized she must eat a lot of cold dinners because she's always photographing them outside (where she says it's cold) where there is more natural light (so she says).

haha, if you took pictures of me eating my meals, they would be much less glamorous. This morning it was a Banana as I drove the Sea to Sky Hwy to North Van, then a pit stop at Delany's for a coffee and muffin (all before 7am), which I again ate in the car. Then I went to North Shore Athletics to visit Peter.

***BEST PART OF THE DAY: I found a Starbucks Coffee card outside the gas station yesterday, a bit dirty, and picked it up thinking it might be a throw away or my lucky day. Turns out there was $33 on it, so I bought the staff at NSA a round of selected coffee beverages (k wait, 3 were hot chocolates and one was a tea, so not much coffee).

Anywho, I ended up steeling some of Pete's granola to put in my yogurt. I even hid behind his desk and cut some strawberries I had into it. Good thing no customers walked in to see that. Then I drove to a clients house and proceeded to eat my granola in the car. Hmm...starting to see a pattern? I worked out in my clients house while she ate lunch and then ate my own sandwich post workout, no plate. On my way back home to Squamish I dropped by my brothers house in Lions Bay. They have a dog named Kuma who looks very overweight. He was going crazy when I got there and decided to take him out for a run around the block. If anyone knows me, it is very out of character to intentionally play with animals but perhaps after housesitting for Pete's sisters dogs last week, I am turning a new leaf. Kuma looked like he could use a run...if you know what I'm saying!

Got home famished! Ate a salad, which was photograph worthy and some left over tofu slices and then when Pete finally got home, we baked up some Veggie Burritos we had made from the other night. Wow, there's my day of eating, seem like a lot?....oops I forgot to mention the Tim Tam (Jenn gave me at NSA), apple, and the small teeny tiny power cookie I had made, burnt, and put in the freezer a while back...Still good!

I have been watching way too many Criminal Minds episodes as of late. Case in point-Today, I hung around my clients house while she went shopping and did a workout in her home gym. She must trust me because she gave me the keys to lock the door. I was hanging out doing some work on my laptop when all of a sudeen her dog started barking. I haven't heard her dog, ladybug, bark all that often so I was a bit concerned. I went upstairs to check it out (dog is usually staring out at the drive-way) and didn't see anything so I went back to my work. Then the phone rang and I didn't answer it, obviously, but the phone cut out halfway through the owner's message. Wierd I thought. Normally, from my understanding, even if someone hangs up mid way, the answering maching would continue to run its course. Then I looked at my internet connection bar on the far right hand side of the screen and it had a big red "X" through it. Ok, now I really started to freak out because someone had totally cut the phone line!!!!! Or so I thought! I've never seen myself run so fast out of her house. Literally, I grabbed my stuff and got the hell out. I know it looks like I am a little 'paranoid' some might even go as far as to describe me as 'crazy' and I TOTALLY AGREE! But, if you were in my shoes, maybe you would have done the same! The house is also right near the woods. Hey, just saying.

Alight, time to go to bed and dream about happy things, like unicorns and brand new mountain bikes....maybe...a unicorn riding a brand new mountain bike!

See you in the trails!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



My love affair with La Sportiva began 3 years ago while running Comfortably Numb for the first time. I ended up winning the race and in turn, recieved a coupon for a free pair of La Sportiva shoes. At the time I was running in the Brooks Cascadia and to be honest, had no intention of actually running in the La Sportivas I was about to mail away for. My master plan was to trade them in for another pair of Cascadias.

However, when they arrived (I think it took me almost a year to send away for them), I decided to take them for a spin. To my delight, these shoes felt amazing! They were light, low to the ground, and the best part, I never rolled my ankles in them, like I did in my caascadia. Up until last year, I had rolled my ankles on almost every run. I used to blame it on my biomechanics but now I genuinely think I was in the wrong shoe.

Thank goodness I have spaghetti ankles because it was years before something bad actually happened (fractured cuboid). Nonetheless, I ended up staying with the crosslites and have had a happy and healthy running career ever since. The only sad part about the crosslites is that it has a built in gator, which covers the laces, preventing me from hooking my hot pink gators into them.

So, getting back to the LA SPORTIVA CROSSLITES- amazing shoe if you are looking for something a little more low profile. They are light and super comfortable. If you find you are constantly rolling your ankles in your current shoes, give them a try, you might surprise yourself! They are great for short distance as well as long (I wore them for Western States 100 last June). They have awesome lugs on the bottom which are great for moving quickly through mud. If you arent used to wearing shoes with less cushioning (or low to the ground), work them in slowly as you may notice some calf tightness. New for this year are the women's specific crosslites, which actually have more cushioning than last year's unisex model.

(Women's specific crosslite 2.0)

After doing a few runs after the Dirty Duo 25km, I noticed my soleous/calf area was quite tight. I hadn't been doing anything differently (except for less vertical) but nonetheless, the calf tightness was present after each run. I knew I needed a shoe that offered some more cushioning and that sat higher off the groundd than my crosslites. I had wanted to try the LA SPORTIVA RAPTOR for quite some time but was too attached to the crosslite to give it a chance.


After the first wear, I was in love! I think this shoe will be a better training shoe for me and the crosslite a better racing shoe. Peter wore these shoes for Western States and had a lot of success with them. Perhaps the calf tightness was caused by my lack of running in North Van where the trails are oh so hilly, versus the flatter stuff I have been running in Squamish (due to the snow up high).

I am super stoked to be apart of the LA SPORTIVA racing team this year. I will also add that I don't just run in LA SPORTIVA, I also use their footwear for climbing and mountaineering! The one stop shop! If you are living in Vancouver/The North Shore, you can purchase all these shoes from North Shore Athletics, located at 101-1200 Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I was watching Oprah the other day and whatever was on really caught my eye. I am not sure where I was watching this particular episode because we don't have cable at home but I digress...

It was all about wanting something and doing everything in your power to get it. And by everything I mean, waking up every morning thinking about it and literally willing it to happen. This lady in particular that Oprah was interviewing, so badly wanted to be on the Oprah show. This lady had started her own business and for a lot of business owners, getting to sit on Oprahs couch, is like a dream come true. You know you've made it when...

Then there was another lady who so badly wanted to work for the lady who was on Oprah. She did exactly what the other lady did and woke up everyday, willing this to happen. She did things such as writing this goal all over her house so she was constantly reminded of it as well as putting it out there so others knew about it.

So here I am...I have applied for a position with Arc'teryx, which I will keep a secret because I don't want everyone else getting this brilliant idea! Maybe I'll be lucky and they will check out this exact blog (link is below signature) when they get my e-mail which contains my resume and cover letter.


I look forward to hearing from you!

but for now, I will go running to release all of this excited energy...

Friday, March 18, 2011


If you happen to be walking by a copy of the Georgia Straight anytime this week, PICK IT UP!

Last week I got a call from a lady who works for the G-Straight. My name was passed on by Keith at North Shore Athletics (thanks Keith) as they were looking to talk to a female about trail running. I literally could have talked her ear off about the subject! Gail asked great questions and I had a really fun time with it. It's too bad they didn't post the picture I sent them of my leg all cut and bruised up. It was my proof that trail running is not always that glamorous! But, we do what we can right! Speaking of glamour, I should wear my hot pink gators more often!

They also spoke to Kelsey Trigg about the Knee Knacker and she is right when she says so much of trail running is about the community. We have such an amazing community of runners here on the Shore...and off the shore! The same faces (from near and far) pop up at all sorts of events and sometimes I am more motivated to do an event because I want to see this person or that person. For example, my friend Iris (Calgary) and Mel Bos (Kelowna) are coming out to run the Diez Vista 50km. Their enthusiasm/personality are infectious and little do they know, I am now pondering doing the race too!

Anywho, there are also some neat articles about climbing and alpine guiding. Check it out! Also, Savage Love, on the last page is always a funny read.

See you in the trails!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


As I was running today in Squamish, my favorite loop I might add, I had a few thoughts.

The main thought was about how I was feeling at the Dirty Duo 25km on the weekend. As I mentioned in my last post, I was pretty sick the 4 days leading up to it, but felt 70% or so Saturday and decided to come out and just give what I had. I noted that I didn't have a whole lot, the energy was lacking and after about 7 females passed me early on (and a bunch of men) I just wanted to stop. I knew Peter's aid station was pretty close by and there would be a nice warm NSA truck to jump into. BUT, I didn't come out to try and win and in the case I wasn't winning, just stop. I came out to enjoy the day with a bunch of friends and get a fun run in.

What do you think? Do you think it's perfectly acceptable to go out and use races as training runs?

Anywho, I was happy to be smiling when I came back around the 2nd time to Peter's aid station because it took a lot of mental power to keep going and I'm glad I did, regardless of where I finished. I think sometimes it's almost easier to DNF and that is why a lot of the top guys do when they aren't having the day they were hoping for (unless of injury). Salute to those who keep truckin'!

See you in the trails!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I ski, I climb, I that order it seems

The past couple of weeks weren't so productive run-wise, but very productive on the ski/climb front!

The weekend (Sat) before last, Peter and I ski-toured out to the Elfin Lakes Hut to spend the night before attempting the Neve crossing the following morning. However, the powder was just too deep and it would have been a pretty arduous excursion for Peter/me to make our own fresh skin tracks all the way there. Not to mention, I don't think my skills are quite up to snuff to attempt what he had in mind.

The night spent at the Elfin lakes hut was a little insane. First off, there were no beds left, as a few large parties rolled in just minutes before we did. We found a couple nice benches downstairs in the kitchen/lounging table area and camped out there for the night. I am surprised at how well I fell asleep, even with all the drunken roudiness going on right beside us. We were up until about 10:30pm, playing board games and chatting with a group of snowshoers who had hiked in bottles of wine and other luxery items.

The next morning we woke up to the most stunning day I have ever seen in the backcountry. Since I haven't been in the backcountry that much, I guess that's not saying much but (insert laugh) it was stunning! The day was great except for the part where Peter wanted me to "roll", I would call it more of a "jump" off this cornice. After Peter swiftly dropped off the cornice and glisaded away to safety, it was my turn and it took me all of about 10 minutes of visualizing it not happening safely to realize that it wasn't happening at all. However, we found a more challenging route to make our way to the same spot! We even got some turns in this way...a win win! As the blue bird skies turned to snowy clouds, we made our way back to the hut for some hot soup and then our way back out towards home.

By Monday, Squamish hadn't seen rain for a few days and after a measly 5 minute walk from our front door, we were in climbing heaven! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We spent the entire afternoon climbing some pretty mellow (perfect for me) cracks and having a great time.

Tuesday I came down with something pretty feirce. No barfies or anything but just an overall body ache and light headedness which kept me off the running blocks for 4 days. In fact, I didnt do anything except for a quick session at the indoor climbing gym on Friday.

Saturday was the Dirty Duo mountain bike and running race and I had been planning on running the 25km. Not having run in a week and a half coupled with having been pretty sick the 4 days prior, I was officially on the fence. However, I really wanted to join in the fun and hang out with friends and see some old faces. And I don't mean old, as in faces I havent seen in a long time...I just mean old! haha kidding.

I woke up feeling ok, not great but good enough to run I thought. I facebooked a lady I have met here in Squamish(shannon your a rockstar!) early that morning and within an hour she had called me and we arranged to carpool (race started at 11am). I tried to visualise myself running well. With all this time off runing, I thought my body would think it was some sort of a taper and I would actually feel good. Or, it would be the flipside and unfortunetly, I got the flipside. I went out like I normally would but it was clear early on that this was not going to be my day. And why should it!

(Me before the start, clearly shorts was a bad call!)

I battled mentally early on and had many thoughts of dropping out but I pulled it together and just settled into a pace that would allow me to finish the race with a smile on my face...which is exactly what I did!

It's funny, I forget how tiring things like skiing and ski touring are on the body. It's almost as if I void them as "training" all together when really, they provide as much benefit as running.

My body didn't feel very good by the end of the race. My ITB was starting to act up and tighten quite significantly and my whole right hip/TFL complex was super sore. Thanks Kristi from MOVEO for seeing me on the massage table literally seconds after I crossed the line (no one was on it!). I have been pretty lazy in the body stretching/rolling department and it's quite clear now that this must change!!!!

Gone are the days when I first got into running and ultra's and nothing use to hurt EVER!

Alright, time to stop complaining and get out training, nice and easy.

See you in the trails!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trying new things....(not this time)

This is a picture of me not really 'Feeling it' on the Mountain Today. The weather was kind of blah and cold and I just couldn't muster up the motivation to be out there for very long. I convienently had to use the washroom at the top of the 7th Heaven share where the Horseman hut is located. It looked way to cozy inside not to sit down, eat lunch and splurge on some hot chocolate.

Just like all things in life (work, sports, relationships), if you don't mix it up, you start to get bored, or at least I do. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how excited I was that I finally made the big jump to skiing Blackcomb all by myself. The newness kept it fun and exciting- for that week anyways. Now, I am just skiing the same runs over and over in a different order and becuase of the weather today, even less of them. I almost took the peak to peak gondola over to Whistler but going to a new mountain alone just didn't seem appealing and wanted to wait until Thursday when I am going back with a friend!

So, here is to reminding ourselves to keep it fresh and try new things all the time! Does a 'skier's high' exist, because if so, I have not felt it yet!

OH YA...and I just signed up for the Where's Waldo 100km which is happening August 20th, 2011. I am super stoked. I love Oregon but have never really run in the trails there...can't wait to do some road trips there this summer to explore pre-race!

See you in the trails!