Thursday, April 30, 2009

Carbo Load!

Pete and I left 3pm on Wednesday afternoon, an hour later than we had planned. Of course, it was more my fault than his. I had to make a last minute pit stop at the bank and it took forever, but that's to be expected. Then we forgot to pay our land lord because we're going to be away on the 1st of the month. After all was said and done, we were off, and missed any traffic that was to slow us down. The border crossing was smooth sailing. The look on the guards faces when we tell them were going across the border to run an ultramarathon, is becoming a little bit of a trend.

About a 1/2 mile from the Aldergrove border there is a dairy farm called the Edeileen dairy and OH MY GOD, they have the best soft serve ice cream cones on the face of the planet. As you can see I am very passionate about this place. I only just got introduced to it from Peter, as his family has been going there since he was a kid. I had to opt out this time but I will for sure be going for one on the way back home. Peter, however, enjoyed one and I stared and salivated the entire time. We drove for 8 hours that day. We got as far as Salem, Oregon and slept that night at the cozy Motel 6. That place is starting to feel like home!

The next morning we got up at 7am. After a quick breakfast we drove another 9 hours to Sausalito, CA. The drive always goes by so fast. We ate in the car, drank a butt load of water, and only stopped once at lunch time for some PB and banana sandwiches. The temperature got up to around 21 degrees Celsius and there were patches of rain but none of them lasted longer than 5 minutes. We arrives at our hotel and were instantly greeted by Peter's parents. It was so nice to see them. They have had a hard couple of weeks because Peter's Grandmother died on the 18th. His parents live in Winnipeg and his grandmother "grammie" lives in Thunder Bay, ONT. So they had been back and forth between the 2 places a lot that week and now were off to San Francisco to crew for both Peter and I. They are staying a few extra days after we go home so hopefully they will enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.

We headed out to find a nice Italian restaurant to begin our carbo loading. There was an Italian place connected to our hotel but after checking out the menu we decided to drive into Mill Valley to see what they had to offer. Mill Valley is such a cute little place. It was filled with awesome little shops and a great community feel. This man had just come out of whole foods and was walking to his car with his 2 daughters. I stopped to ask him if he could recommend anywhere to get some Italian food. He told us to check out this place called Vasco's. Said it was a great place with a bar, small, upscale vibe with not upscale prices. The vibe there was happenin' and we were greeted by the host, who happened to be the owner. He was obviously having a good time, chatting up locals inside and out, all the while sipping on a nice glass of red.

I am sometimes weary of having any alcohol the week before a race. I don't know why. Perhaps it is all those running articles you read on week of race day prep that tell you to avoid it. I think the beauty of trail running is that most runners were out having beers the night before the race, during the race, and after the race! Ok, maybe during the race was a bit of a fib, but this has been done. This time, I really just wanted to relax and enjoy supper with a nice glass of red. Pete's mom ordered the Chianti and I followed suit, and once it hit the lips, I was in heaven. We started off with a warm beet, goat cheese, and arugula salad topped with a pesto vinaigrette. I doubt you need to know the details but I love food, so maybe I think you'll enjoy hearing about it. Then we both had the same pasta. It was sooo tasty. I hadn't had pasta that good in a long time.

I'm back at the hotel now, feeling pretty carb pumped up! Looking forward to a day of leisure tomorrow. As fun as sitting in a car for 8-9 hours over 2 days is, it's much more fun to be moving around. Enjoy the day and I'll be back to update soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off to San Fran!!!

I LEAVE FOR SAN FRANCISCO TODAY!!! Actually I leave in T-minus 4 hours and I am sooo excited. Now that I think of it, it hasn't even been a month and half since my last road trip...Crazy.

I just finished up training my 6am client and I've really been enjoying training down at BFit, located in the auto mall. There is a really great group of independent trainers doing there thing. I am back working next to Jason Bond, who trained at IF when I worked there. He is doing a great job promoting his mountain biking training. If anyone is looking at stepping up their mountain biking game, Jason is the man to see.

I have about a million things to do before I go- bank, travel insurance, dry cleaning, buying fuel, picking up a purolator package, fitting in a run, and most important of all...PACKING!!! It's a good thing I have my trusted specialized bike to get me around town.

So with all that said, I better get the hell off of the computer, get my butt home and pack. Speaking of butts, mine along with the rest if my body had a kick ass massage. I told my aunt that I'm pretty sure she is the reason that I can run with a lot of discomfort in my legs because nothing feels as intense and when she massages me.

Happy trails! Can't wait to tell you all how Miwok went and my time in San Francisco.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Creating a great work environment!

I may have previously mentioned on my blog that I was down in California in March for a race. I proceeded to follow that race up with a trip to Joshua Tree National park, for some camping/climbing and I received a lactate certification through FaCT Canada. When I got home I begun seeking out venues where I could test clients because neither myself nor Peter own a treadmill or the specific bike trainer needed.

One day I was at Moveo, getting some Active Release Therapy (ART) by my favorite Chiropractor, Jen Turner. Not only does she have amazing hands, she is one of the nicest and most energetic people I have ever met. We were discussing my lactate certification and she was very interested in having me join up with her clinic and conduct my tests out of their facility. Peter and I (he has his cert as well) developed a proposal, and bada bing, bada boom, a partnership was formed. I am totally stoked about this because I really like what Moveo is, the services they offer, and how they conduct their business. They essentially are a one stop shop. They have chiro's, physio's, massage therapists, acupuncture, and now a lactate tester! Jen would love to expand Moveo to facilitate a gym, and I've hinted many times that if that occurs, I'd love to be a trainer.

Anywho, if anyone is interested in getting lactate tested please email- to set up an appointment. If you have any specific questions, fire away!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Accident...I just love saying "T-Boned"

The weather has been amazing lately and I have been on my bike almost every day. It’s has been a nice break for the legs during my taper for Miwok. Whenever the time comes for me to get back on the saddle, I always think back to this incident that happened to me a while back…

A few summer’s ago I was in a bike accident. I remember it well because I was riding to my new job at Innovative Fitness. I had a backpack full of clothes and shoes for me to change into once I got there. I am coming along in the bike lane on 1st street (down by the auto mall). There was unusual stand-still traffic as there must have been construction up ahead (though I never made it that far to know for sure!). There are a lot of businesses on the right hand side of the street and therefore there are a lot of little alley ways for cars to turn into. I was coming up to this one alley way and right before it there was a Semi truck blocking my view of any traffic coming the other way. Along the bike lane there are no stop signs and cars usually wait for biker’s to pass before they turn in. Because the semi was blocking my view, I was not prepared for what was coming. Before I knew it, a car turned to go into the alley, cut me off in the bike lane, and I literally T-boned her car. I don’t remember much, but I still can picture the instant I hit her car and the feeling of “OH SH*T”.

I woke up on the ground. I was lying sideways. A man from the local mechanic shop immediately came to help me, followed by the women who cut me off, and she was in hysterics. I remember doing a full body analyses while I was lying on the ground. I didn’t move, but I remember thinking to myself “well, my legs feel fine, my head feels ok, my left shoulder hurts a bit but other than that I think I’m ok”. The people looking after me did not let me move. I was very calm, no tears, no panic, just calm. I think I was still wearing my backpack! O and I remember seeing my bike in 2 different directions on the ground, a little over here, a little over there. It wasn’t pretty.

The ambulance finally arrived and they took off my backpack and cut my shirt off. I loved that pretty blue Sugoi bike top. I haven’t been able to find one like it since! They put me on a stretcher and hulled me into the back of the ambulance. The instant they closed the doors on the vehicle, I started balling my face off. I don’t know what came over me; I guess everything that had just happened had sunk in. They put me on a wheelie bed and took me into emergency. I called Peter right away to let him know where I was and I really wanted him to be there. Good thing North Shore Athletics is 2 blocks away!

I felt so disoriented and I couldn’t remember things very well. Someone came in to get a statement from me and was asking me which direction N, W, S, E, I was traveling and I couldn’t even attempt the thought. It just made me more confused. I remember early on my right arm was starting to go numb and I was freaking out, like “what is happening to me”. It’s funny because Peter and I were in the same hospital not 3 weeks earlier because the owner of North Shore Athletics, Keith Nicoll, had gone over his handle bars mountain biking. He was so disoriented and kept repeating the same things over and over. He acknowledged that I was there like 5 times, kept asking where his daughter was, and what had happened. It was so interesting to see how the mind works or doesn’t work when something like this has happened to you.

I was lying there for a total of 4 hours. My family had come to visit me in this time and it was great to see them. It was finally time for me to go for a cat scan. They wheeled me up to the 2nd floor and I waited for 30 minutes or so. I REALLY had to go pee. I didn’t really know how to approach it because they wouldn’t let me up. I think I asked Peter to get me out of the bed so I could go but that definitely was not allowed. Eventually the nurse came by and I told her I had to pee, so she brought me a bed pan. I was supposed to put this thing under my butt and let her rip! Well, I really had no clue whether it was going in, or flying right on past…until the nurse came to get it. She lifted up my sheet and was a little shocked to see that I had completely missed the pan and it was all over the sheets. That’s right folks; for the first time in 15 years (or so) I had pee’d the bed! They had to get another bed to transfer me on. I think Peter was laughing at me pretty hard, and until now, I don’t think I have told many people that story.

After the scan I went back to my ER room. I don’t know what happened to the guy next to me (he was behind a curtain) but it couldn’t have been anything good because he was moaning and groaning pretty bad. It made my situation feel pretty good. They finally let me sit up and about 30 minutes later I had a tetanus shot. I had bandages on my knees and shin, and I had pretty bad road rash on my left shoulder. I couldn’t move that arm. It took me about 4 days until I could finally move it in a circle.

When I got back to my house, I saw my bike. The police had dropped it off shortly after the accident. It was destroyed. My pretty royal blue trek 2100 was beat up worse than I was. My helmet had a crack in it, and I am pretty sure it saved my life. My backpack probably helped protect me as I fell to the ground. I am so lucky to be alive. I t-boned a car, flew over it, destroyed my bike, cracked my helmet, and I got walked away with road rash and sore shoulder. I only had to take 1 week off work, though, kneeling down was really painful because I had toonie size wounds in the center of both knees. As a trainer, I do a lot of kneeling.

Dealing with ICBC was brutal. But to make a long story short, they proved me wrong, and I got a brand new bike. It is the bike I still ride today and for the amount I ride it, I don’t know if I deserve a bike that nice. I am what you call, a fair weather rider. I’ll run through anything, but biking for me is different. I like the relaxation I get from being on the saddle. I don’t ride it hard, but I love going fast on the down hills, and I do love getting up on my saddle and pushing hard on the hills (on occasion). But it depends on my mood; I really have no training schedule for biking.

I reminisce about that accident a lot when I am biking. I still have the scars on my knees and the scrapes and bruises on my backpack to prove it. Anywho, it is a gorgeous day and I better get out there.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 weeks to go...Bring on the Taper

Diez Vista 50km was on Saturday, with a great showing of familiar faces. Because I wasn't racing, I wasn't nervous at all, which is the complete opposite of my normal pre-race state. I started off running with my friend Adam Way. He was running his first 50km and we enjoyed a nice slow start. The moment we reached our first downhill, I was immediately excited and my heart rate starting to creep, which I settled quickly. I ran with some new people which was awesome.

As I started the descent after the top of one of the climbs a guy said to me "Is that Gildersleeve? I read your blog last night, I thought you said you were taking it easy today"

"I am taking it easy"

He replied "Are you trying to make me look bad?"

I eventually met back up with Adam and we ran together for quite a while. I had a few GI issues early on in the run, but they eventually subsided. As I ran along at a "just faster than training pace" I was honing in to all my aches and pains. Interestingly, When I am racing hard, I don't really notice aches or discomforts of individual body parts. I am sure that's because everything hurts but when I am going slower, I really tune in to whats going on with my body.

On Saturday, it probably took me 4 hours to really feel great, which is perfect because that's where I want to feel good in Miwok. If I can conserve energy for the first 1/2, I should be able to be really feel strong for the rest of the run. That's what I found with Haney to Harisson 100km. It took me 4 hours to warm up and at that point I was able to really open my legs up and run at a really good pace. I wasn't able to hold on in the last 20km but I'll blame that on my lack of experience and poor specificity training.

In summary, I really enjoyed the day. I thought a lot about Miwok and how much fun it is going to be. I took the time to stare out at the views along the ridges and had long conversations with many different runners. On the out and back section I said "good job" to each and every runner who was heading out in the direction I was coming from. Although they had a long way to go, they looked so strong and were so encouraging as I passed. As I came through the finish, I felt good and ready to start my taper. All the hard work is finally over!!!

Congratulations to everyone who raced. Gary Robbins, you rock. He set a new course record which was his goal for the day. Also, shout outs to Tamsin Anstey who won her very first Ultra (don't you just hate that!)...Just Kidding, she deserved it!

Ok, the Canucks are winning 3-2, I'm off. See you in the trails!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing 25th Birthday!

Well, I've finally reached middle age! TOTALLY JOKING!

Peter had a cold for a few days and I woke up with a sore throat and decided to cancel my 6am client. I know that when you think you might start to get sick, sleep is the # 1 most important thing.

After a wonderful sleep in, I started to feel a lot better. Regardless, of how I felt, Pete and I had plans and headed up to Squamish for a day of adventuring. We started off by circumnavigating the chief. He took me to this world famous crack climb called the Cobra Crack 5.14, one of the hardest crack climbs in the world. Only 3 people have successfully completed this climb. Later on that evening Peter showed me footage of the first ascent on one of his climbing dvd's. It took the guy about 40 attempts to get it. We ended up turning left onto this random trail, which lead us across this awesome ridge and onto the squaw climbers trail which took us back to the Mamquam forest service road and back to the parking lot.

After that we headed back to North Van to have lunch. I've been dying to take Peter to the Galaria as they are known for their sandwiches. I used to go back in high school and I probably went there every Friday for over a year. It's been a long time since I last ate there and last 6 times I have taken Pete there it's been closed. Considering it was already 2:45pm, I thought for sure they would be sold out of sandwiches. BUT low and behold the sandwich gods were on our side and Peter and I got to taste a little bit of heaven.

We headed back home, grabbed the soccer ball and walked over to Kilmer Park to kick the ball around. I hadn't touched a soccer ball in a long time. Kids were just getting off school and the field was just packed with kids playing soccer, frisbee, catch, or just goofing around. Around 5:30pm coaches and kids swarmed the feild in preparation for their 6pm baseball games. They fit 4 games onto this one soccer field (2 T-ball and 2 farm ball). We were watching some teams warm-up and it was so fun to watch the skills and talents of the young players. On the flip side, the kids were just learning the importance of keeping their body's in front of the ball and proper throwing/catching techniques. There were 2 girls on this one team and it brought back a lot of memories. I played hardball with the boys until I was 12 yrs old. There were only about 2-3 girls in the entire league. I am sure playing with boys made me a better athlete and baseball player.

After a quick run I headed over to my aunt Julie's. She is lending me her car for my driving test. Yes, I will admit it, I still have my "N" driver's license. I haven't had a vehicle in over a year and the motivation to get my regular license was not there. But, I really didn't want to be 25 yrs and still have the restrictions of my "N". Plus, I think Peter is getting sick of driving for soooo many hours on all of our road trips because of this. My test is in 3 hours. I am a little nervous because I haven't driven in so long. Wish me luck!

For dinner that night we headed over to the Cannery for some of the best seafood in town. Peter's sister gave us a Gift certificate for Christmas and we have been saving it for a special occasion. We started off with a shot of tequila. Not the typical way we would start off an evening but it had been a stressful couple of day and we went for it. He offered us the "high end tequila" and Peter, being the tequila connoisseur that he is, accepted. I later found out it was $18/shot!! But to be honest, it was the best tequila I have ever had, no lime or salt needed. I took 10 minutes to drink it, sipping it slowly, and really enjoying the flavors. Ok, enough about tequila. I recommend the muscles to start, they'll blow your mind. So will the bread they give you before hand with lobster infused olive oil and balsamic to dip. If all that didn't make your mouth water, perhaps my next course will. It consisted of cooked scallops, prawns, and lobster tail, served with seasonal veggies. Sooo incredibly succulent. It was the best experience. They went above and beyond, from the free chocolate mouse desert, the big purple balloon on my chair (yes, I kept it!), all the way to the printed menu saying "Happy 25th Birthday Nicola" typed onto it.

All in all, it was the best way to spend a birthday. Sleep in, adventure, active relaxation (soccer), and good good eats! Sounds like what I do everyday, minus the sleep in. Alright, I better go practice my driving skills, enjoy the day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just wanted to update and say that I am IN! I'm stoked...

Funding was definitely a factor that did affect my first decision not to go BUT turns out, there are only 3 females going, which means I get full funding for accommodation and food. I am now only responsible for my flight. WooHoo!

I am off to bed, got a long day of running in the morning. AHHHH Belgium!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


My biggest personal weakness in terms of my character, is my indecisiveness. I have a really hard time making big decisions. Every new years, my resolution is to be more decisive. But I suppose I have never really figured out a way to practice that. So, it has never really improved.

I made the decision a few weeks ago not to go to the world cup 100km in Belgium. My reasoning at the time made perfect sense in my head. But in the week following, I have been wondering if that was really a dumb move. Here I am, presented with this amazing opportunity to go to Belgium, somewhere I have never been, with a group of amazing individuals, to compete in a world competition and run against the best in the world, and I said NO? It isn't the right timing? I MIGHT qualify for a race I want to do, but am not dying to do? It's close to my 100km May 2nd and will I be recovered? Those were all my reasons.

The last few days I have been in a bit of a slump. Just a bit sad. Sometimes that happens to women (around that time of the month) and usually I can blame it on that, but I honestly think part of it is because I wish I had just said YES. I won't lie and say that there wasnt an influence on this change of mind. I was reading an article in Ultra Running magazine. There was an article/intervview on Kami Semick who was named Ultrarunner of the year for 2008. She came 2nd at the world cup 100km last year in Italy. She said how much she loved doing these world cup races and how much fun they are. How awesome it is to be part of a team and test yourself against the best in the world. She is also doing Miwok and 5 weeks later is going to the world cup. That sort of shot down my whole- will I be recovered bit excuse. In terms of my western states reasoning. Sure, I would love to do Western, but I have been putting so much pressure on myself to come top 3 at miwok to qualify. It's really driving me nuts. Why give up a sure thing (world cup), for something that isn't. Besides, if I didn't qualify, I probably would be kicking myself knowing that in 5 weeks I could be on a plane to Belgium!!!!!

Right now, as I am still 24 years old for the next 4 days, I need to look at each race as an experience. Something that I can learn from. An experience that is going to make me a better athlete 3-5 years from now.

So to round all this up. I e-mailed the Team Canada Organizer Armand Leblanc, letting him know I was still interested. He replied and said as it is still early, I might be able to make an amendment and add you to the team". So in the words of Jim Carey from dumb and dumber- SO YOUR TELLING ME THERE'S A CHANCE!!!!

We shall see what comes of it, but I am glad I gave it a second chance and didn't pass this amazing opportunity up. I'm going for a run, enjoy the day!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This year has been very different than any other year. I have learned to be extremely patient with myself. I have tried to live in the moment, not worrying so much about the future (which is hard for me). I have always been a busy girl, working 2 jobs, going to school, and playing varsity sports. In January 2009, I was "jobless" for the first time in a LONG time (my own decision). I had a vision of what it was I wanted but was not prepared for the amount of time it was going to take to get there. I am fortunate because I have made great connections along the way and it was easy to find part-time work a few days a week, which has allowed me to keep my head above water financially to pursue the career I want to have.

I WANT to be a trainer. I WANT to lead/guide others in their running pursuits (whether you want to learn to run or take it to that next level and try a 10km, 1/2, full, or ultra marathon. I WANT to pass on a great Heart Rate Training system that has worked for me and allowed me to get stronger as a runner. I WANT to help others achieve their goals or whatever their "unimaginable" is. Most of all, I want to inspire and motivate others to make healthy eating and exercise part of their lifestyle. Just like brushing your teeth, putting on your clothes, and eating, exercise is something that should be done daily. It's my first choice of therapy!

Going through the hoops. Even though I have a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from U.B.C, in order to train on my own, I had to get a Personal Training certification. This cert. is needed to get insurance. Most facility owners will not let you train people in their space without liability insurance and a proper certification (understandable). Insurance is ridiculously expensive ($800/yr) but if you have a cert. you can get it for a discount($200/yr). Anywho, I finally completed the exam and practical evaluation with Can-Fit-Pro. I was stoked to finally be getting my ticket to go train but then he asked me if CPR was current. Crap! It expired last week! Another obstacle but one worth having because everyone should have their CPR updated as the protocol changes every year it seems. My CPR renewal is April 19th and hopefully I will be up and training the following week.

Yesterday I went for a nice long road bike, the first of the year. Nice and long being 2 hours. That was about all I could handle in the saddle before my butt was DONE. Literally, I could not sit on my seat another peddle stroke. Half way through my ride, my buns needed a serious break, so I sat down in English Bay on a nice park bench that overlooked the ocean. At that same time, this guy on his bike, who had a bag full of golf clubs, sat right next to me. We started chatting and ended up in quite the lengthy chat. He was telling me about how he got laid off last year and has been loitering ever since. I told him I kind of have been to (though I do work part-time, so I'm not a complete loiterer!). We discussed all the emotions you go through after you stop working for a couple months. How you feel a bit lost and you wake up everyday without a sense of purpose. It's a very interesting process. Then you kind of start to settle in to the new routine and begin to brainstorm. You have time to think about what it is you really want to be doing.

I felt as though certain people were looking down on me when they saw me working back at North Shore Athletics or serving at Tommy's again. One person told me I was moving backwards and another guy asked me what I was doing working at Tommy's when I had a University degree (he worked at Save-On-Foods). I felt super insulted because A) a job doesn't define you and (b) some of my best friends work at these establishments and LOVE their jobs. A job doesn't have to be the be all end all. Sometimes, it is simply that thing that pays your bills so you can spend more time enjoying everything else that life has to offer. I'll use my step dad as an example. He has been a postman for over 20 years. I'll bet some of you are jealous knowing that he is off work everyday by noon, is at the golf course by 12:30 and has played 18 holes by the time most people are even thinking about leaving the office. After that he goes and picks some clams and oysters from the beach and is making himself a gourmet meal by 7pm. He may even fit a gym workout in their somewhere. I have nothing against anyone who is career oriented. I just know for me, if I work TOO much, I get stressed and my body literally shuts down. Work is something I want to be fun. I am creating my dream job and am excited for the adventure to begin. But I can assure you, work will never get in the way of life and play. Because to me (besides family and friends), that is one of the most important things. You get one life, why spend all of it in an office.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Seriously, today is so crazy beautiful. The views from the powerlines on grouse today were stunning. The weather was perfect and the mountain madness group was all smiles. Pete and I got up early and met the group at grouse and then ran back to the Lower Seymour Conservation Forest (LSCR). Got in a good 2 1/2 hours of running. I am off to work now or else I would have spent another couple hours out there. I was suppose to get up a little earlier to run extra, so I'll pay the price and run an hour after work. The weather should still be gorgeous.

Yesterday I hopped on my $400 dollar mountain bike I bought 6 years ago. Pete and I rode in the demo forest until we hit snow and then he took me into circuit 8, which was probably the most technical riding I have ever done, which doesn't say much since I have only mountain biked a total of 5 times!!! I used to use that bike as a commuter bike on the road, which makes no sense because it weighs a ton. It has literally sat in my aunts shed for over a year and I just resurrected it. I am stoked! Oh and the best part, when I bought it I purchased the confiest/squishiest seat known to man. I dont even need to wear shammy shorts!

Yesterday I also found myself in a hot fusion yoga class. Yoga always reminds me how inflexible I am and how horrible my balance is. You'd think as a trail runner, my balance would be pretty good. In one pose- we went from a standing position to a folded over, wrap your hands around your heels position. She said, "grab onto those heels and straighten your legs"...haha...I just laughed, my legs could not have been more flexed. Then she said "and to those who have to bend their knees, remind yourself that as you continue your practice, you will one day be able to straighten those legs". YA RIGHT! Anywho, when I go more consistently I totally notice an improvement in strength, balance, posture, and flexibility. North Shore Elements has a great studio and I have yet to encounter an instructor I did not enjoy.

K off to work! Big sale today at NSA should be busy!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow Your Bliss

My wise uncle Steve once said to me "follow your bliss" and that is what I did to make my decision. I decided not to go to Belgium. I was so honored to have had the opportunity to go and will definitely attempt to get on the team for next year. I couldn't pass up my goal of getting to Western States. Also, I would only have 4 weeks to recover from Miwok 100km and I wouldn't be able to run the kind of race I would have wanted to race in Belgium. Also, Peter and I are co-race directing Summer Solstice trail marathon that day and I have been looking forward to it all year.

My aunt Julie is THE BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST IN THE WORLD. She works wonders and continues to keep this body functioning optimally. We located the spot on my hip that has been causing me pain and she worked it out like crazy. I have had no pain since and I have her to thank for it. Seriously, if anyone is looking for a massage therapist, I HIGHLY recommend her. She injured her hand last year and was off for 6 weeks and I was forced to try out some new therapists but none of them were as good as her. Maybe I am bias but she has her own style which is like no other. Also, she uses her own fleecy sheets with heating pads to keep you warm. I fall asleep sometimes I am so comfortable. She works out of her house in Lynn Valley. That is her in the picture above. We were out a few months ago for an amazing hike up the BCMC in the snow.

I had a great run in the snow this morning with my Wednesday trail clinic. I thought no one would show up but my clinic ladies are very loyal. Can't wait for next week.

See you in the trails!