Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Arden Young: Big goals, big heart, clean teeth!

Arden Young is an ultra runners and Dentist who lives and works in Calgary, BC. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Arden grew up a self proclaimed math-lete. With 3 sisters to keep her in check, she also ran cross country. In University she joined the triathlon club and did her first marathon in 2007. It wasn't long before she was introduced to trail running and with some training broke 3 hours in the marathon. Since then she has won the Kal Park 50k, Laugavegur (Iceland) 55k, Lost Soul 100k, Nimble Bear, Broken Goat 50k, Lewiston ultra 50k, and Sinister 7 100 miler (and more!). 

In this episode we talk about what it was like growing up with 3 sisters, getting into running and eventually competing at an elite level as runner, dealing with injuries, her biggest adversities and life lessons, and how to take care of your teeth as an ultra runner. 

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