Saturday, January 26, 2013


It's been a while since I have posted!!! October was the last time. I guess I never got around to writing a Phantom Run (24km) race report which I ran in November! So what's been going on since then....

I got into WESTERN STATES 100!!!! I must have horseshoes up my butt because I think I had a 7% chance of getting in. Last time I got into ws100 I ran my way to an automatic entry by coming 2nd at Mountain Masochist in Virginia. I thought about entering another Montrail Ultracup race to get a spot but wasn't keen on spending the money to travel somewhere in the U.S so I just simply took my chances. I am totally stoked to do it again. I think it was all a blur the first time so I look forward to having a better idea of what to expect.

Here's a few photos of what I have been up to (ski shots are by Peter Watson)

Shauna and I at the top of Dam Mtn on Grouse.

Sarah, Alexa, Shauna and I in Garibaldi Provincial Park
The holidays were filled with a lot of family gatherings (which I love), lot's of running, tons of amazing food and some skiing! I went winter camping for the very first time. What an experience that was! Peter and I managed 2 days (1 night) up in Cerise Creek off the Duffy Lake Rd.

Good morning!

On the skin in to Cerise Creek
Amazing camp spot chosen by Peter.

Shauna, Joel, and I near Mystery Creek during the Mountain Madness Clinic run.
The Mountain Madness Clinics started up again. I love being a volunteer leader with this group. I have been leading off and on for many years and there's always new people to meet and familiar faces to see. I usually end up converting at least 1 runner per clinic into an ultrarunner, so clinic members beware!!! This year Heather has a 50km training clinic and it's a great way to volunteer and get your long runs in with some great people!

Next up for me is Orcas Island 50km which is next weekend! I did it last year and had a blast. Shauna and I are heading down and considering the cheap lodging is already full, looks like we'll be tenting it. Good thing were great cabin mates from our time spent together at Transrockies.

Now that it's back to consistent training/racing, I am sure you'll be hearing a lot more from me :)