Friday, May 31, 2019

Nicki Rehn: The Canadian Australian

Nicki Rehn may have been born and raised in Australia but she very much feels like a Canadian. She loves her big mountain adventures and the hairier the better. Her early introduction to the sport of orienteering has given her the tools to feel unintimidated in the mountains...solo. A map and compass is all this girl needs. Nicki is a 5 time Barkley starter, 3 time Tour de Geants finisher (4 starts), and just recently completed the Dragon's Back 315km 5 day stage race in Whales. It's impossible to spend time with Nicki and not be inspired by her amazing attitude and zest for life. 

In this episode we talk about her early childhood memories growing up in Australia, what brought her to Canada, the epic races and adventures she's done, her relationship with pain and suffering and so much more. 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sarah Seads: Power of the Mind

Sarah Seads is a Kinesiologist, Endurance Coach, ultra runner, Yoga instructor and hypnotist living in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Sarah believes we are capable of unimaginable human potential when we learn to harness the power of the mind. She is passionate about both the mental and physical realms of healing, training, and exploring the boundaries of self perceived limitations. In this episode we talk about her unique upbringing, working in the trenches as a tree planter and forest firefighter. what led her to become a runner/ultra runner, 3 steps to getting what you want, her debilitating phobias, and how she conquered her fears using the power of the mind!

Dr. Joe Dispenza Ted Talk 

Eoin Finn: Blissology yoga teacher 

Sarah Seads Blog

ELM website training and coaching

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Kim Magnus: The Golden Goat - canyons 100k recap

Kim "Goat Runner" Magnus recently went down to California to race the Canyons 100k in the hopes of snagging a coveted "Golden Ticket" into the Western States 100. The week of the event Kim was plagued with sickness (later diagnosed with Bronchitis) and was unsure if she would even be able to get to the finish. With a motto of "forward motion and one foot in front of the other", Kim ran her way into second place and held her giant golden ticket high in the sky!

In this bonus episode we chat about other golden ticket attempts, her sickness leading up to the event, how the race went down, and the benefits of sandbagging ;)

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Alicia Woodside: Ultrapreneur

Alicia Woodside is an ultra runner and entrepreneur living in Squamish, BC. She seeks and sometimes struggles to find a balance between kicking ass in races and keeping it fun. She is one of the founders of the non-profit organization Girls Gone Wilderness which is a program for girls who are currently intimidated by or not connected to the outdoor world. When not adventuring in the mountains, you can typically find Alicia working on her new business Teffles Waffles and she sells them at the Squamish farmers market every other weekend. Alicia has raced distances from 10k to 100 miles and her journey to ultra is very inspiring. 




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