Monday, December 15, 2008

Way Too Cool 50km- IM IN!

I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! My boyfriend Peter and I woke up at 7:45 Sunday morning and sat our pretty little butts down at our separate computers to register for Way Too Cool 50km. Registration opened at 8am and we were ready. We had to keep refreshing the page every second because the server was so busy with so many people trying to all register at the same time. I got the page open first and Pete got it a couple minutes later. My heart rate was starting to rise in anticipation. Last year it sold out in 11 minutes and this year it was full in 7 min. CRAZY!!!

The race takes place on March 14th and is located in Auburn, California. This year it is a Westurn States 100-miler qualifier. If I manage to come top 3 in the female category I get to go!!! My friend Gary Robbins already got in this way with a 50-miler he did in November. I applied to the lottery last year but my name was not selected. Peter is guaranteed a spot in 2010.

Wish me luck!