Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Running from the Devil"

Last week I felt like I was unstoppable, except for some random calf discomfort I had been having. This week however, with no rest day taken, I am feeling a bit sore and run down. Soreness is due to crossfit, which is to be expected, and I know my body is screaming for a complete day of rest. I find that extremely hard to do because everyday I commute by bike. Even if I try and go as easy as possible, I am eventually going to have to work my way up some major hills to get home. Plus, the weather is crazy beautiful right now and it's hard to not go play outside.

I pondered the idea of relaxing on a grassy knoll to read my new book "running from the devil", which the author gave to me to review on my blog. You can expect that review soon enough. It's a great book. I started reading it to Peter on our road trip a few weeks ago. Since he does all the driving he needs me to entertain him to keep him awake. This book made our trip pretty funny because I made up the weirdest accents (from all over the world) for the characters. I almost feel bad reading it to myself and I should probably wait for our next road trip to continue the story but that's not until August and I am getting impatient to know what happens next.

Peter and I both canceled on our CrossFit workout today and rescheduled it for tomorrow. My chest, inner thighs, and triceps were just crying today. When you work out hard, you end up tearing muscle fibers and by letting them recover (resting them) they actually rebuild and get stronger. So, there was no point in ruining that process by killing them again today. I know that as the weeks go on we will find ourselves less and less sore after the workouts. The body needs time to adapt to movements and weights we have not done in a while.

Well I am off to bask in the sunshine (get some color on this white frame)! Enjoy the day.


chris mcpeake said...

recovery days are the hardest easy days .. LOL
will watch for the book review

Anonymous said...

Cool! I really enjoyed this book, the character Emma Caldridge is great, isn't she?