Thursday, September 10, 2009

New adventures just around the corner!

I love this time of year! I don't know why really, but, I always seem to fall in love with it. Perhaps, it's the cooling of the air and the fact that the rain starts to fall once again. Luckily, the temps have been warm on those rainy days, thus running in the rain has been most pleasurable. I always find myself with new goals coming out of the summer trail season. Usually, they involve a little road running. I am unsure why the start of fall brings me back to the road, but it does. It's always a hard transition running on the road again, but I simply plug in my Ipod and I am good to go. I'll have to get a new one because I foolishly left it on the plan to whitehorse. I put it in the pouch in front of my seat, but got distracted chatting to the man who didn't talk for 17 yrs! I'll blame it all on him!

I was planning on doing Mountain Masochist 50 miler but I have checked out the prices for plane tickets and unfortunately, I think it may be a little out of my budget. I was hoping to place in the top 2 female category, scoring me a spot into Western States but I think I'll just try the old fashion way...applying! Also, there are about a thousand races I'd like to do, which are a little closer to home. I was just away for a month and it's time to get back to work and save for the upcoming race season/travel. I have my sights set on Haney to Harrison 100km. I ran well last year but I think I could do a lot better this year. Considering it was my first 100km and how much I suffered/slogged the last 21km, I think I have a shot at going sub 9 hrs. The better I do, the better shot I have at qualifying for Team Canada at the World Cup 100km in Gibralter, Spain (Nov, 2010).

(Me at Haney to Harrison coming into the finish, 2009)

A lot of people dislike the Haney to Harrison 100km. It may be due to the fact that it's all on pavement, it's usually horrible weather, and there are no aid stations. I honestly and surprisingly really enjoyed it. There is something soothing and almost meditating about being pretty much alone for 100km on a road. The only people you see are other racers crews waiting for them up ahead and cars driving along the highway. There are a crap load of relay teams that start 2 hours later but I only got passed by a few teams in the last 10km last year. Anywho, it's not 100% but I am thinking about it. Last year I swore I would join a relay team just so I could stay up late enough (8pm) to go to the famous after party but given enough time, it's so easy to change your mind. It's like I know I can always do better and there's that competitiveness within myself, telling me that I can do better than last time.

(Me and Haney to Harrison, 2008)

I asked Peter and he said he would crew for me again. He was the best crew person I could have asked for and kept me moving and fueled every mile for 100km. I look forward to what the fall brings in terms of racing. Up next is Frosty 50km, Rubble Creek 26km, and perhaps Victoria Marathon. Just over a month ago I biked to Powell River to visit my parents. Along that ride, I couldn't stop the thought of how fun of an adventure RUNNING to Powell River would be. If I do Haney, I think I will do it as my peak run 3 weeks out.

For now, I am heading to Manning Park this weekend to run the Heather Trail. I have never ran out there and am most excited to explore some new territory.

See you in the trails!