Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where did I go??

When I used to write in my journal as a younger kid, I used to start every entry off with "well,...". I am not sure why but in this case, it just feels write (fun play on words) so here I go.

Well, I have not written in what seems like forever. I love writing, it is one of my favorite things. Writing allows me to put all my thoughts down on paper (or computor) as if I am sharing them with the world. Lately however, I just didn't 'feel like' writing. I am sure it has a direct correlation with the way I had been feeling over the last week or so.

There hasn't been very many times in my life where I could say I felt 'down', 'in the slumps', or even 'depressed'. But, last week, I felt almost all of those things. Because of those feelings, I had nothing to write about. I kept up with training and a lot of it, but for some reason, I was lacking any joy/bliss/euphoria from my runs. I kept wondering why I was out there for so many hours and for what purpose. I even started to question my work, and then my future and so forth. It seemed as though I spent the majority of last week confused and very deep in thought. I just kept thinking to myself "what do I really want?". For some reason, this question is really hard to answer.

I have had the travel bug ever since I went to Europe for 3 short weeks with my family back in 2005. That was the farthest I had ever been and I had the time of my life. I loved the people, the culture, the food, the unfamiliarity, and most of all...the everyday adventure.

But then, yes, it happened, I started to get really excited. I started to realize that I have the world at my fignertips and I can do whatever I want to do. I have the power to change anything that I feel is 'holding me back'. I have the power to rearrange my goals. Instead of dreading the future, I got super energized by it.

I went on some fabulous runs, in some fabulous places, with some, yes I'll say it again, fabulous people! I was back! My attitude was back!

The week spent in shitsville sucked, but at the same time, I think it was necessary to re-access the direction I want my life to take. And with that said, there should be some more frequent writing on my blog. Below is just a little recap of last week and some of this week.
Adventeres of last week:

Monday (05/03): Rest day.
Peter's birthday! The body felt good but I really do like taking one rest day a week. Peter and I spend the afternoon climbing at the edge climbing gym. It was a great way to spend his birthday as climbing is his #1 passion. The rest of the day was spent sipping pitchers and hanging out with good friends at the black bear.

Tuesday: (05/04): 2:40
Today I did my usual run up to the top of Lynn Peak and back. This has become a staple run in my week and one I have come to look forward to. My quads were a bit tired today but I really don't remember doing to much quad pounding on Sunday.

Wed: (05/05): 50 min
This was a busy day for me and I squeezed in a short run just before dinner. My legs were tired and I took it easy and just enjoyed being outside.

Thurs: (05/06): 3:15
Peter and I went on an awesome run this morning. We ran from our house near Ross Road, over to Grouse/Misquito Creek, up skyline train (steep) to old Mountain Highway, down Pergint, up to seventh secret, down seventh secret/crinkem crankem/snakes and ladders, and back home. My body felt really good however this run was a little emotional for me as I was deep in thought (not always positive) for much of the run.

Friday: (05/06):
I worked from 5:30am until 3pm and I chose to go climbing with Peter instead of going for a run. We went to Sully's hangout which is a newer climbing craig in Lynn Valley. It was nice to be outside climbing today. However, Peter decided to 'test me' and purposly fell while he was lead climbing and due to my poor belaying position, I was instantaneously airborne and was flung into the rock. I was left with only minor scrapes and bruises on my left thigh!

Saturday:(05/07) 4:30
I went for an awesome run with Jen Segger and Adam Way. I was dying to run somewhere new and Jen was more than happy to show us some of the amazing trails in Squamish. I have only run there once, back in 2007, when I did stormy 50 miler for the first time. The memories of that race all came rushing back and it felt really good to be there. I can't wait to go back! Jen had to go catch a ferry and because Adam had never hiked he cheif we tagged that on at the end of the run. The day was gorgeous and we ended it with an avocado chicken burger at my new favorite spot, the Zephyr cafe.

Sunday: (05/08) 1:00
Today was the Sun Run 10km. There are over 56,000 people who participate in this event in Vancouver. A lot of people don't like it because it's 'too crowded' but to me, the fact that this many people get together to come out and run, is pretty awesome! I chose to run it with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. They did their first running race ever a few weeks back called 'My First Trail Race' and this was to be their second. We are all very close and it was such a pleasure to share this excperience with them. We all went out for Breakfast at Tommy's and enjoyed a great afternoon together.

Monday: (05/09) 4:30
Peter and I were meant to go to Lytton, B.C to run approx 60km but we were feeling a bit sleep at 5am and Pete wasn't up for the 7.5 hours of driving he would have to endure that day. The weather was perfect here and it only made sense to stay local. We did a car drop in Deep Cove and drove to the Knee Knacker start off the Caufeild exit. We followed the TCT trail all the way to cleveland Dam. We were there in 2:45 and I would do that as a run anyday. It was amazingly glorious. There was hardly anyone on the trail and it was so soft anbd lush. We continued to follow the Baden Powell all the way into the headwaters. Pete's ITB was starting to ache a little bit so we cut it short and didn't continue on towards the cove. I was happy with what we had accomplished and my body felt good.

Tuesday: (05/10) 1:45
Just wanted to do an easy recovery run. I went from home to the headwaters, around rice lake, and over to the debris shoot along cedar mills trail and return. It was an amazingly hot and sunny day and I followed it up with a much needed massage!

Wed: (05/11) I am about to head out now after spending a couple hours washing my car!!!!

See you in the trails.


Leslie said...

It's all good. We all have weeks in Shitsville, for no good reason. You said you've never really been depressed or anything like that before, so I'd blame your hormones!! Even me, Ms.Happy Smiley has those weeks - rare, but real. Usually, it's about 10 days out from impending Girl Disease. Be well lady!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

That's hilarious because I had girl disease and tried to blame it all on PMS...