Thursday, October 21, 2010


Alright, so clearly my question was way too easy! I have decided to give this another go (giving away my free sample box) to make it fair to those who won't read the post right way. Nice work Joey for answering the question in under 2 minutes of the blog being posted!!

All you have to do is leave a comment, proving to me that you have checked out the website. Give me a small piece of info that you picked up or learned from visiting it. For example, at first the bars weren't even bars, they were 'power' balls or one of the sponsored athletes is a triathlete named Allison Hooper.

I'll do a draw at the end of the week (Sunday). Whosoever name I draw, wins a box of the new flava!

Also, as a reminder, if you buy online from the website, you will get 20% off on your bars! Just type in the promo code 'elevatemerules'.

See you in the trails!


Sue said...

Hi Nicola
I'd love to be the winner of a box of those bars. I learned that The ELEVATE ME! team is the official sponsor and supplier of Canadian Sport Centre pacific and that the bars are cold-formed and not baked.

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Sue, that is one impressive resume! Your officially in the draw!