Friday, October 21, 2011


I received a text message from a good friend of mine today, explaining that he was thinking of NOT doing a race he had in mind this coming Sunday. This race is 21.2km and last weekend we blazed 17km of the course.

I asked him simply, why? He answered with, "Don't feel ready. Didn't run all week".

I replied, stating that he was more than ready, considering how well he did at he 17km training run last weekend. Not to mention, he clearly has had one awesome taper! He agreed, but was afraid he wouldn't beat his last time.

Now, this line is all to familiar to me. I often get a little nervous and scared by the thoughts of not being fit enough to beat my previous times. And I don't always look forward to the anticipated amount of "hurt" it will require to put forth such an effort to beat said time. But, this year especially, I have read enough blogs/quotes to understand that this is all just faulty thinking.

Some years, we are going to be in wicked shape, and some we're not. Our fitness will ebb and flow throughout life depending on what is going on. We can't expect to beat our times every year. But, I can guarantee that every race experience will be different, new and exciting, no matter how many times you have competed at the same event.

So, here is to just GOING FOR IT! You never know, you might surprise yourself.

See you in the trails!


Tom Craik said...

Tell your friend it's all in the long taper anyway and enjoy the ride.

Tom Craik said...
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SteveQ said...

Your the only person I can think of who runs ultras and is a rock climber. I just got talked into trying climbing by someone who's good (read: an instructor), but I don't have any finger strength, upper body strength or flexibility - I'm a runner! - so, any suggestions on a crash course to not embarrass myself completely?

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Steve: I don't know if I yet describe myself as a climber, as a so clearly do a runner. The first few years are humbling!!! But the reward comes in getting stronger, improving ones technique, and the challenge! Climb with people who are better than you and just stick with it! It's been such a fun non-running activity and I think, natures way to strength train outdoors!!!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Oh and PS- There is always something harder to climb, so it never gets easy, and hence, there is always an opportunity to embarrass yourself!