Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A few months ago, I was lingering on signing up for the Whistler 50 miler, taking place in Whistler this coming Saturday. After 4 hours of running a few weeks back, I was reduced to a walk due to some ITB tightness. This left me a little uncertain to whether or not I would be able to run 50 miles shortly thereafter. So, I ran the next week and the next week with no sign of any ITb discomfort and decided to sign up for the race very last minute. Package pick-up was hapenning at the Running Room on Denman last weekend, so naturally, I put on my runners and ran my butt over the Lions Gate Bridge to the store. I stuffed the hoodie and the rest of the goods in my backpack and ran back home. What a great way to get a workout in!

(The current weather conditions in Whistler as of Wednesday afternoon!)

So it's official, I am racing the Whistler 50 mile race this weekend. The weather looks to be pretty good on Saturday, even though it snowed there today! I am prepping my Shaby Chic look (thanks Kristen for the ispiration) and am excited for race day. The Whistler 50 is the new version of the classic Haney to Harison event. Instead of the 100km distance that it used to be, they downsized the race to 80km. Also, it is no longer a point to point but rather 4 loops of 20km. There is little elevation gain and loss and the majority of it is on paved road...should be fun! haha

Due to my ankle injury this past June/July, I have been doing a bunch of flat trail and road running so I am definetly up to the mundane task of 20km repeats! All in all, it should be a fun day no matter what the weather or terrain because this day is all about running, having fun, and hanging out with good people.

See you out there!

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