Monday, December 12, 2011


I suppose being afraid of the dark is a fear that was instilled in our childhood. The lights go out and the creeps come out...right?

Usually when I get off work it's dark out and I have been getting in my workouts in the morning but somedays that is not an option. I have been avoiding the trails due to lack of sunlight and I've been missing them so much. It's already 'unsafe' to run alone in the trails, which I do 99% of the time, but there's something about being alone and in the dark that has juust got me spooked. I decided last thursday that I was going to get out after work for a nightime adventure in the mountains to prove to myself that it's not that bad and theres nothing to be afraid of. Of course, I have run on the trails at night a few times, both accompanied however.

I figured I would start with the Grouse Grind. I have done it with Peter in the dark before, thus it was somewhat familiar and I would be hiking versus running. There would also be tons of people at the top because nightime skiing is open. I packed my bag, with headlamp, and drove up to the base of the Mtn. I decided not to bring music as I sometimes do in the daytime because I wanted to be able to hear what was going on around me. Looking back, maybe it would have been better if I didn't. There were many times when I thought I heard something or someone and turned around to see what was behind me. Of course, there was no sign of anything or anyone so I pushed on. I was surprised how it seemed to go by so fast. All was good until I saw this glob of what looked like blood in the snow. I am not talking like a dime size glob, I am talking like a small fist full. Hmm, that one shook me a bit. Why was that there? Why was there no signs of anymore? Weird!

I continued on, my heart pounding a little bit more with each step but eventually I forgot about it. I had hit the snow point and put my yak trax on my feet to prevent me from slipping and sliding around. Normally, the Grouse grind is an extremely popular hike, for locals and tourists, but tonight, there was not a soul (except me!). I had hit the 3/4 mark and was getting psyched to be around people once again, until I saw another blood globue! Really, another one???? Come on! At this point, I didn't stop to ponder this one, I just simply pushed my body as fast as it could to the top.

In the end, I made it safe and sound, feeling a little bit braver than the day before. There's a saying that we should do something everyday that scares us. Well, I may not do something everyday but I am counting this!

See you in the trails!

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