Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last week was a good week training wise. I didn't do any crazy amounts of training but ramping up steady.

Friday I got out with 2 co-workers from MEC. John O, a fellow ultramarathoner, took me and Justine out on a wicked 18 mile run, he playing tour guide. The trails were all new to me and I found myself wondering how I had never been on them. Pretty much after you get off the east side of second narrows bridge (Vancouver side) you can get onto the TCT (Trans Canada Trail). This trail winds all the way up and down to Port Moody...and beyond of course. Can't wait to take some friends on this one.

Sunday I also got out for a 3 hour run, solo this time. The rain was hammering and stayed that way for the entire day. I felt really good though and had such a fun time splashing around in the puddles. There were even a few mountain bikers out! I guess not everyone is a fair weather rider like myself.

Monday, Peter and I ski toured to the Wendy Thompson hut up off the duffy. The skin in took about 2.5 hrs and boy did I get tired. But I finally clued in that maybe I just needed to eat something. After a package of honey stinger chews and some gatorade, I got a little pep back in my step! We were the only ones at the hut and it was so cool to have it all to ourselves. We spent the night playing travel scrabble and re-fuelling. It was the first time I had eaten a dehydrated pre-packaged meal. I had the veggie curry and rice and Peter had the mash potatoes and chicken. Mine was just alright and his was very tasty. Anyone know of any other good ones? There are so many to choose from!

Someone had left a box of wine there that was still good for another 30 days! I may have dabbled a bit. It went great with all the chocolate we had! I highly recommend the Camino dark chocolate and peanut butter bar.

(Peter and I outside the Wendy Thompson Hut, before our skin back to the car)

Tuesday, after eating breakfast, we headed out for a few laps before heading back to Van.

The weather was great and it had snowed about 5cm overnight. The sun even started to come out as we were heading back. Apparently, that was the only place it was shining because it was downpooring in Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver.

I had to lead a running group that night through a hill training workout. I joined in at a moderate pace, mainly as the cheerleader, as my legs were on fire after all the skiing!

Looking forward to a recovery day today and excited about all the sun that is in the forecast!

See you in the trails!

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