Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I decided to volunteer as a leader for the Dirty Duo trail clinic. I have been volunteering off and on for the Mountain Madness trail clinics for years and I really enjoy doing it. I always meet some amazing folks who easily fall in to my trap and become ultra runners! This year Heather added a 50km clinic option and the runs got up to near 40km. Good times were had!

The start at Jaycee House!
 I decided to sign up for the 25km distance option as Chuckanut was the following weekend and I had signed up for that back in January. However, at some point I changed my mind, sent Heather a text, and Bada Bing Bada Boom it was done, I was now doing the 50km. I had been saying to myself all week that i was going to just take it easy but then I just decided to let be what will be and if I feel good, I am going to run. And run I did!!!

About to head up Homestead. Photo by: Chris Thorn
Peter and I ended up running together for the first 3/4's of the first lap. At some point coming down ned's his foot slipped, he got a cramp and we parted ways shortly thereafter. We never talked about running together, it just happened and it was nice having his company. He was doing the real Duo and I never saw him again until he crossed the finish line.

I felt really good all day and I was stoked on this feeling. The only glitch of the day was when I rolled my right ankle 3 consecutive times within  about a 3 minute span coming down ned's on the second loop. Each one just seemed to weaken it for the next one. I had to pause a few times and wince away the pain and watch as 3 of my friends (doing the 25km) rolled passed me. However, I knew that if I could just make it down ned's the rest of the run would be fine. Eventually the pain subsided and I never felt it again. I also caught up to my friends on the climb up homestead and this motivated me to push a bit harder. I thought I must be feeling pretty good if I am passing people who are only doing one loop! At some point I saw Graham Archer from Kintec and he told me Ryne Melcher was only 5 minutes ahead. I eventually caught up to Ryne (who's goal was not get chicked) with about 2 km to go and just started hammering. It was by far the fastest I had run all day and I was just loving it. I came into the finish in a time of 4:40 and first female.

The finish line!!!! Photo by: Don Scott

Thanks so much to Heather Macdonald and Mountain Madness for putting on this event and for hosting such a wonderful training clinic. The post race lasagna, cobs bread and salad were just what the doctor ordered. Also, the drymax socks are so comfy and Peter and I had a wonderful feast at Tommy's Cafe thanks to the GC I got as a prize!

My shoe of choice ALWAYS is the La Sportiva Crosslite! I decided to randomly run in this Lululemon skirt which was actually pretty comfortable, however it needs more pockets and my long sleeve top is a $14 merino wool shirt I got at Costco 4 years ago :)

Next up, Chuckanut 50km next weekend! Interested to see how I am going to feel!

Run Happy,


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