Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tara Holland: A passionate teacher, runner and cancer survivor

Tara Holland grew up in the Eastern townships in Quebec. After completing 2 University degrees, she got her masters and later PHD in Environmental Geography. Her work took her out West where she got a job at Quest University in Squamish and began trail running. On her first training run in her new town, Tara found herself in the middle of the Squamish 50. Tara's interest was piqued and she decided to sign up for her first ultra (Squamish 50k) the following year. Training was going great until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of that year. Running has helped Tara overcome many of life's challenges. It has been her constant and although she has had to take forced breaks from running, it's something she knows she will always go back to. Tune in to find out about Tara's childhood growing up in Quebec, how she got into running, how running has helped Tara get through life's biggest challenges, and what is up next for Tara!

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