Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Day 13: Peter got stung by wasps!

 Day 13: 35 miles

    Today involved a lot of forest walking. It wasn't overly eventful to be honest. The highlight for me was this pretty silly moment when I got really hangry. Peter was hiking ahead of me and I decided that I wanted to eat a payday. If you don't know what a payday is it’s like a delicious nougat/caramel bar covered in salted peanuts. It’s a dream that sadly isn’t available in Canada. Due to my hangryness I spontaneously decided that I didn’t want to just shove this in my mouth while furiously hiking and rather that it deserved to be treated with respect and could only be eaten while seated. This way it could be thoroughly enjoyed and that is the only way I was going to eat this bar. So out of nowhere in my most whiniest voice I yelled up trail to Peter that I was going to stop and eat. He looked perplexed and exclaimed he was confused why he had to backtrack to me. I had already decided that where I stopped was where I had to eat this bar and no moving would be happening on my part. He begrudgingly walked back towards me and sat opposite me on the trail. As I sat, eating my pay day, seemingly living my best life, Peter yelped in surprise and terror. The yelping continued some more until he realized he must have disturbed a wasps nest! We both quickly got up, albeit Peter more swiftly than I, and he flew on up trail, holding his poor bum cheek that got the brunt of the stings. I followed suit, unscathed, wondering how I avoided the terrorist stings. The resentment was real. 

    Timothy Lake was a thing of beauty! We got there late afternoon and took some time to stop and swim. I was happy to have some flip flops as it was quite rocky off the beach. Flip slops were a luxury item for me this go around. I didn't bring any last time but I really enjoyed having them. 

    We hiked for as long as we could this night because we wanted to make it to brunch the next morning at Timberline Lodge. I was growing increasingly anxious because I now HAD to have this brunch. The comments on the app said it required a reservation and if you didn't have one you had to arrive really early to get a table. We had no way of calling to book a reso so we knew we would have to hustle the next morning. We had 15 miles to hike to get there…stay tuned

Marathon and Pole Vault

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