Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great Week of Training

Today, Peter took me to Squamish to climb a section of the Chief. We did a multi-pitch climb called "Banana Peel" on "The Apron". It was my first introduction to multi-pitch climbing. It was an easier climbing day but a good one to learn something new. Afterward, we went to the Howe Sound Brew Pub for a good pint and some yam fries. I really wanted to go climb something that had defeated me the first time I tried it. So, after the pub we headed toward a climb called "Garfield", located off the sea to sky highway, 12km south of the Chief. This climb is classified as a 5.7 but I swear it's way harder. It was still challenging but I had improved 10 fold and went up it with relative ease. Pete really wanted to teach me how to rappel but I was a little to wimpy to attempt it this time around. All good things happen in time!

I had a great week of training. It was very very hot and I think Vancouver had some all time highs for this time of year. Good heat training for those heading down to Western States in a few weeks.

Monday: walk/hike 1 hour easy easy
Tuesday- am- bike to/from work, pm- steady hour run w/ good friend in the HEAT!
Wednesday- am- bike to/from work, XFit (10 sets, 2 reps of max squat), 1:30 run out to Norvan Falls and back.
Thursday: am- Bike to work and Grouse Grind up and down (1:05), pm- 1:30 bike in Demo Forest.
Friday: Bike to work and XFit. No running today!
Saturday: 3:40- Summer Solstice 25km training run
Sunday: 4:50 knee knacker training run

Run: 12 hrs 50 min
Bike: 3.5 hours

Next up- 5 peaks 10km "enduro" on Saturday the 13th. Should be a fun time. I haven't raced anything of that length in a long time but it will make for some good speed training.


David Ray said...

Awesome pics! Work those rocks.


The SFU run was soo fun! I showed up on a whim. When the awards came out I realized- wow, you rocked! I should have come by in person to congratulate you and introduce myself- but I had to race off to take my kid to her skating lesson. I was so glad I only got 4th age grp so I diddnt have to stay. Thats funny. Anyhoo, anytime you are out Buntzen way, drop me a line if u want to run (ahead of me that is) congrats again!!