Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Solstice adventures

Holy! I just did my hours log for the week and I did 15 hrs 45 min (and that's with 2 days off)!!! That was a big jump from my near 12 hour training week last week. I won't lie, my legs were tired but I still felt like a champion in the last hour of my 6 hour long run on Sunday. My clients were all away last week and I hardly rode my bike. It rained so we didn't get out climbing much and I didn't go to CrossFit either. I guess running filled in all that extra time I had. The only other thing I did was Hot Yoga on Wednesday after our seak the peak run. I have never sweated so much in my entire life like I did in that yoga class. I am not a big sweater, even when I run, I never bead, I just glisten! I was with 2 friends and I was by far the sweatiest. It was getting in the way of my performance because I couldn't hold my foot to my other leg without it slipping and I was sliding all over the mat!

This weekend I had the pleasure of pre-sweeping the Summer Solstice Trail Marathon and 1/2 Marathon (which turns out is more like 25km). I had ran the route many times before with Peter (the race director) so I knew what I was in for.

Kerry Ward and I set out at 6:30am to make sure all the previous nights flagging had not been taken down. Sometimes there are people who feel that we racers are invading the trails and take down markings to keep in clean. Perhaps they are not aware that all the flagging will be removed promptly by a sweeper. Nonetheless, it is important to make sure it's up so racers know where to go. Peter and Jurgen did a great job flagging the night before. However, The flagging tape was yellow and it pretty much blended completely in with the trees and bushes that it was tied to. We ended up putting quite a bit extra on course to make the route more visible. It was fun seeing racers along the course.

(Simon Driver- 1/2 Marathon winner, representing NSA)

We finally got passed by the lead marathoner about 5 hours into our run. I had only planned on being out there for 5 hours so it was great getting to nibble at aid station goodies (something I usually don't do in my own races). For some reason I was just craving bananas and the coca cola near the end didn't hurt either.

We finished in 6 hours exactly. Thank you to the wonderful ladies from Moveo (Kristy and Leah) who provided free post-run massages. Apparently I have tight hamstrings (what else is new)!

This week I am filling in 46 hours at North Shore Athletics while some co-workers are away + my personal training hours in the morning. It will be a busy busy week as I continue to peak for Knee Knacker. Can't wait for the KK run on Sunday where I get to revisit Black Mountain for the first time this year!

See you in the trails!

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