Thursday, July 30, 2009

The GOOD Life

Running- There's something about it that melts your fears away. That something that washes away your worries and stresses. Makes everything seem so small and at the same time provides you with the bigger picture.

I remember running White River 50 miler last year. I was all alone, near a mountain top. There were giant mountains in every direction. I took a moment to stare out at the view and then I had a thought. I had a client (at the time) who just thought he was the bees knees and that the world revolved around him. His biggest worry in life was figuring out what to wear everyday because that he had so much clothing (he told me this). At that moment I wished I could have transported him to my position so he could see that, in the grand scheme of life, he is insignificant. When I run these long distance races or go for a long training run, I feel like I am stripped down to the very essence of my being. It is me in the raw. I am so in touch with myself and the beautiful scenery/sensations going on around me. When way up in the mountains all alone, surrounded by giant trees and large peaks, I feel so tiny. I feel that at that moment, nothing really matters. Everything is right and everything is as it should be.

Sometimes coming back to the reality of life is a shock. Things are somehow different. Sometimes I wish life was that easy. That I could just play in the mountains all day without a care in the world. But, when life throws you curve balls, it's nice knowing that just around the corner is a place where you can get away from it all. A place where you can think clearly and a place to feel happy!

See you in the trails!

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