Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I need a miracle!

I have never seen so many Doctor's in my life. In fact, I hate going to the Doctor. It is a very foreign thing to me. But, this time, I just wanted someone to tell me what was wrong with my foot. After multiple chiro adjustments on my cuboid, the pain was pretty much the same. After my 28 minute run yesterday,I pretty much ruled out that all I had was a subluxed cuboid. I went to see Dr. Bovard, a sport med doctor that was HIGHLY recommended. He had me do all sorts of things and he didn't think I had a stress fracture...THANK GOD! He referred me to someone else but I ended up going to see Dr. Paul Wiggins. He poked and prodded at my foot and although I do have a hypermobile cuboid and SUPER TIGHT peroneals, he thinks that I have sprained the ligaments around the area. So, unless a miracle happens, I am not going to be doing Knee Knacker! Which also means, I won't be doing White River 50 miler (which isn't the end of the world because there is a massage course I really need to attend that weekend).

Although, I was REALLY looking forward to seeing what I could throw down on the course this year, there is always another race, and another Knee Knacker. Not to mention, I really want to get myself back to form so I can do TransRockies with Peter in August. I have flirted with the option of walking/hiking the knee knacker! Funny enough, hiking and running downhill don't bother it...that's half the race itself!!! If I can do that pain free, I will! Why miss out on a beautiful day.

See you in the trails!


Deb said...

That sucks about your foot!!! Sounds like a good idea tending to it and not trying to race this weekend. I like your positive attitude towards the whole situation and possibly running/hiking the downhills if you're not experiencing any pain. Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do!! You'll be ready to rock TransRockies in no time! :)

Phil said...

I have one word for you...patience! I've been struggling with a hamstring/knee injury for the past month and a half only because I didn't wait long enough before getting better. Good luck in your recovery and see you at TR!