Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hail Storms

I'm currently sitting at my kitchen table, typing away at my blog, all the while sipping on some chocolate flavored endurox (recovery drink) loaded with L-Glutamine.

Today's run was great and so was yesterdays. This week so far I have ran through two hail storms, where the sky goes from nothing, to intense hail. I always find myself smiling and giggling out loud like a little school girl whenever this happens. The greatest part is, the hail storm only ever lasts 5 minutes and then sky magically opens up and clears.

Today was fun. I had a nice route planned out in my head. My legs were feeling a bit tired from yesterdays run and I ended up also having a little G.I distress around the 40 minute mark. After an emergency pit stop in the trail, I ran to the turnaround portion of my out and back run. I had a chocolate mint GU stashed in my hand held water (I just typo'd H2O as "wotter" haha) bottle and I used that to replace what I had just lost. Yes, even on 90 minute runs I sometimes have to take a gel. This gel made me feel soooo much better and my legs felt re-energized. The rest of the run consisted of me powering up the hills and recovering on the down and flats. Usually my runs end up being in reverse...slow up the hill...pick it up on the stuff I'm good at (flats & descents). But, considering that hills are my weakness it makes way more sense for me to push on the hills...when I feel good!

I was just reading in a running magazine that for ultra distances, things like hill repeats are not an essential part of training. Rather, your better off going for a run and working the hills during the run, as I did today. I like this much better!

I am glad to say that I have no more hamstring discomfort when I run. The rest I gave it last week seemed to help! Peter and I went swimming for the first time in years (in a pool that is). It was super fun and I loved stretching in the hot tun and the sauna. I think the sauna is going to become a regular part of our weeks training schedule leading up to Western States. I could hardly handle 3 minutes!

Alright, time to go shower, I'm still all muddy!!!!

Are there any locals running long this weekend??? I am looking for a running buddy this Saturday & Sunday!!!

See you in the trails.

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SteveQ said...

I recently posted on glutamine supplementation (in short: unnecessary). Whether hill repeats are needed or not depends upon the race - I doubt one could train for Hardrock on flat ground!