Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Long run...

Today, I went on a solo long run adventure. I didn't really know how long I would be out for. I drove to Grouse Mountain, with the intention of meeting the trail clinic but I missed them by a couple of minutes. They were only running 12km today and in the long run, I knew I wouldn't be with them for long. I began running east along the Baden Powell trail and it started snowing within minutes of my departure. I'd take snow over rain any day because it is just so light and fluffy.

The main goal of the day was to get lots of elevation change to the run. I really wanted to pound out the quads and get in some good power hiking, mixed in with some running. I had 5 hours before I had to be at an appointment to check out a basement suite for Pete and I, so I didn't feel like I had any time constraints. I ran all the way to the St. Georges bench and then headed up the St. Georges trail. This is quick and easy way to get up to the 6th switch back of Mountain Highway, the gateway to some awesome logging road descending. There were minimal amounts of snow on the 6th switchback and it faded shortly thereafter. The snow didn't seem to be stopping the dozens of bikers I saw slogging up the switchbacks. My legs felt heavy, sore, and tired getting up to this point. I thought I would feel more than amazing today considering I cross trained lightly yesterday with 20 minutes of stair climbing (easy) and 20 minutes of swimming and water running. I also climbed for an hour in the evening (more of an upper body pump though). As I descended down Mt. Hwy I started to feel light headed. Because I find it tough to take in fuel on the down hills (I get a jostly belly), I waited until I was on the flats to take a gel.

At this point I decided to go do the long lynn loop (sorry for those who aren't from North Vancouver). Holy mud city batman. Seriously, the whole thing was a mud pit. This proved to be quite the recovery my legs needed however and I finally felt like I was starting to warm up. I was slow traveling through the upper section but once I passes the debris shoot I was flying. I started my way back onto Baden Powell and back over to Grouse. I knew I had a little window of time and once I got back to the St. Georges bench, I did one more repeat up the trail and down Mt. Hwy. Running back to grouse felt easy and my legs felt great. I finished the run in a time of 4 hours 45 minutes. I think that is probably the longest I have done this year. It felt so good to just run my own run, at my own pace, and just adventure around in my backyard. I can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow!!!! Western States is only 3 months away (including a taper) and I know I need start upping the mileage up.

Peter and I have booked our flights to Vegas to do the Rim2Rim2Rim in the middle of May. Anyone have any tips who has made this trip before??? Amount of water to carry? etc etc.

I was in the sauna yesterday and there were 2 teenage girls fully clothed sitting in there as well. I asked them if they were heat training and one girl responded "sort of, I am trying to drop weight for wrestling". I can hardly handle the sauna wearing just a bathing suit!

I wish everyone a Happy Easter and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

See you in the trails!

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Devon Crosby-Helms did a great write up on her R2R experience last year. Looks like a blast!