Monday, November 1, 2010

The Big Move

I was reading a blog post by Tom Craik on his RUN NOW blog. yesterday. He's discussing how he feels on his runs when he isn't training for a goal race. He quotes:

"Run Now" is my mantra on so many occasions, but this morning, while climbing a new route up Grouse, I had an epiphany that some recent restlessness, and lack of present-minded running, came from having no racing goals. I'd been racing and training so much it had become a way of living. About three quarters of the way up it came to me that I was enjoying myself immensely and hadn't thought about my running plans for the coming year. I was so focused on "Running Now" that I was able to just be there."

It is no surprise that I have been feeling this exact same way over the last few months and just like Tom, is has been nice just running, without any goals or expectations other than to ENJOY and run in the here and now.

On another note- I have some exciting news...

(The mighty Chief- it's going to be in my backyard- not a big deal)

A month or so ago, Peter and I decided to move up to Squamish! We are both super excited. Reactions have been mixed but anyone who is outdoorsy seems to be supportive. I get asked "Why?" a lot. That answer seems to be pretty simple (1) World Class Rock Climbing (2) awesome cross-country mountain biking (3) equally as awesome mountain running (4) Closer to ski touring which I am going to start this winter! O' and can't forget my favorite spot- The Zephyr Cafe...and many more. I am excited to explore somewhere new. Peter and I have both lived in North Vancouver all our lives and I think change is a good thing. I am excited to be apart of a smaller community and meet new people.

Now that we are coming closer to the move-out date (Nov 15th) I am starting to notice just how much I do love Lynn Valley but the good thing is- it's not going anywhere! It will be exciting to come back and visit and have our friends come visit us. We have a 2 bedroom apartment in Valley Cliff so if anyone wants to come up, we've got a spare bed!

As for work, I am going to train clients 2 days a week in North Vancouver and start helping Jen Segger with her project X on the other days! This is a really exciting opportunity and the timing could not be more perfect. New Adventures here I come!

See you in the trails.

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