Thursday, November 4, 2010

You know your a trail runner when...

This scene is from the garage and if I had taken this picture yesterday, you would've thought that metal rack barfed up about 8 pairs of trail shoes. I am sure our landlords think we're nuts. I have so many pairs of the same shoe that I don't even know which one goes with which. I always tell myself to mark down when I got them (inside the shoe) but I have yet to make that dream come to fruition. Maybe it's a form of hoarding! And these are just the trail shoes!

Alright, time to go dig through and find a not so old looking pair to take out into the trails today!


Derrick said...

Ha, looks like our house. I see you like the Crosslites and Skylites too.

Same problem here with matching up shoes. I've started writing the # in permanent marker on the tongue.

Mr Crosslite #13


ha ha, same here!! I tie my 'current' trail shoes with the heel lock to differentiate them from the old ones. I wonder if the permanent marker stays... if so, I'm trying that!
ps, good luck on the move. It so exciting! and I'm jealous you get to work with Jenn S. Good on ya!