Monday, February 28, 2011

Eb and Flow

There has been a little glitch in my plan working with the Youth Girls. See, the thing is, the youth coordinators have never actually worked with this age group before because of (a) interest and (b) getting them to keep coming.

Some days I go and there are only 2 girls, sometimes 4, and one time none. If it werent for the youth workers picking them up from school and bringing them to the youth house, they would never make it there on their own. Because these girls are considered "at ricks" there are so many other variables involved in their lives.

With all that said, we decided to ditch the Sun Run idea. Maybe it was an unrealistic expectation on my part from the beginning but I had high hopes. To be honest though, what I have them doing now is 100 times more fun. Instead of the standard walk/run program, I TAKE THEM ADVENTURING to places they have NEVER been

Last Wednesday we went hiking in Lynn Canyon and I took them across the Suspension Bridge. Neither of the girls had ever been there before and it was really cool to see how excited they were. Friday I took the girls to Deep Cove where we hiked all the way to Quarry Rock.

I really enjoy this format better. I was explaining to Peter today how with the walk/run program, because a lot of the girls couldn't maintain a run for the 2 or 3 minutes (x6) prescribed, it was almost like they were having mini failures all along the way. But, with the adventure format, they get to hike and get to a final DESTINATION which is so rewarding for them. It has made me realize how fun it would be to start a hiking group for teen girls or even a bit older and take them on immaculate hikes to places they would never normally go!

On another note, life has been pretty fun. I went out with the Mountain Madness group again for the Dirty Duo orientation run. Heather was popping up all over the place and she managed to capture a quick pic. I attempted to get us all in a jumping shot but after 7 tries, we gave up haha.

Peter and I got out for a little ski tour today. We had planned to go all the way to Elfin Lakes but it started to snow pretty hard outside so we just hung out at the Red Heather Hut and played backgamon by the fire!

I think I'll head to Whistler tomorrow for a day on the hill. I finally signed up for the Knee Knacker 50km. Thanks Dirk for the test message reminding me that it was the last day to sign up! Tomnorrow is the first day to sign up for Where's Waldo 100km which I plan on running. It's part of the Montrail Ultra Cup and I would LOVE to get a guaranteed spot into Western again.

I think that is all for now. I just got back from an awesome Compu Trainer session at the Challenge By Choice Studio. Two of us rode the first 30km of the Ironman Canada course. Pretty rad! The good news is that I can continue riding from where I left by next Christmas I will have completed the entire 180km!

Summary of last weeks adventures:

Monday: 2 x strength sessions at the Challenge by Choice Studio (shadowing/doing)
Tuesday: 2 hour Chief Hike from home
Wednesday: 2 hour run in North Van, 90 minute hike with girls
Thursday: run 30 minutes home from studio in torential winds!
Friday: 1 hour run in North Van, 90 minute hike with girls, 1 hour climbing (tired)
Saturday: 2.5 hr run in North Van
Sunday: off

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I love the teen hiking idea. So many young girls would love the adventure but are too scared to go alone.

Soo glad I read your blog after work tonight... I now have 15 mins to sign up for knee knacker !!