Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today, I was blessed with another wonderful day here in Squamish, B.C. After a long road run yesterday and a great spin session that night, I knew I wanted to take it easy today. I also wanted to be outside and maximize my time spent under the sun and in the mountains.

I started the morning with an amazing bowl of rasberries, 1/2 a banana, edelweiss granola, and topped it all off with a healthy dolop of wholesome organic yogurt. I set out from my pad towards the top of the Chief with a backpack containing only a water bottle and a power cookie. I plugged in my ipod and rocked out to great tunes all the way to the base of te Chief. I love just setting out walking. It's peaceful, relaxed, and calming. I could see myself being a walker when I am older. I was also skipping, and moving to the beat of the music. I was simply having way too much fun by myself!

Just after passing the parking lot I noticed a truck was going along the gravel trail by the campsites. The last time Pete and I tried to go on this hike the trail was closed due to construction. For fear of not being able to head up, I sneaked my way onto an alternate trail, which wasnt in fact a trail at all. I had a fun scramble and eventually found my way. I could hear the water falling over the rocks in a fast and durious fashion. Oh the sound of running water, there's nothing quite like it.

I love days like today where you don't think about training. Your just out to explore and be one with your surroundings, taking it all in, regardless of pace and speed. You get to take that extra minute or two to chat with the trail builder or the guy walking his dog who hasn't been on the trail in a year and a half.

The sun was bright, shining through the trees, and lighting the way. The top was windy, very windy, I struggled to put my jacket back on as the arms were being blown in every which direction. I figured my best shot at warmth would be to lie down. So I did. I layed, relaxed, breathed in the fresh air, and succombed to the beauty that was surrounding me. I took a few pictures but they never do it any justice. You simply, have to be there.

It felt nice not to drive. It felt great to walk. On a nice day like this I thought a lot about the Clean Bin Project and some of the things I'd love to do. I'd love to be able to compost. As a tenant, we have never been allowed or had a place to compost because of the bears. I bet there is somewhere we could take our compost. I would love to have a garden of my own. I want to grow my own vegetables and herbs. Instead, I normally buy them in a plastic container and put my vegetables in plastic bags. NO MORE!

Jen and Grant from the Clean Bin Project said the besy way to start being greener is to to focus on changing one thing. When that becomes easy, try something else. #1 on their list: Stop using plastic bags. This one I am already getting better at. I am making a habit of putting cloth bags in my car. However, I did use 2 new plastic bags in the bulk section and 1 for lettuce. I know they make wash-able and reusable bags that are great for veggies, I just need to find them. As you can see, I am still working on # 1 and have a lot of work to do!

ps- I just went to their blog and they posted something super hilarious about peeing in the shower...think about it

See you in the trails!


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