Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 4,5,6,7

I am back! I guess I last left off thinking about a hike up to Mt. Edan, which is exactly what I did. Since I have all the time in the world, I decided to walk there. I stopped in at a local running store along the way as I have been dying for some cushier shoes but @ $299 a pair I just can't do it! The view from Mt. Edan is sensational...truly. You can see everything. Pretty cool considering it only takes 15 minutes to reach the top. Lot's of runners and bikers were doing hill repeats on the road you can drive to the top. From there I walked back towards the hostel and ended up in a movie theater because...why not! I saw "This means war" and I laughed out loud more than once. I totally recommend seeing it! Ladies the leading men are easy on the eyes if you know what I mean.

The next day I got up with the intention of going over to Rangitoto which is a volcanic island a 25 min ferry right from Auckland. I thought it left at 9:30am but it was 9:15 so I missed it. The next one was not until 10:30 and the last ferry back was 3:30 so I figured it wasn't worth it with how much time I would have. So today, I pretty much wandered aimlessly all day. I went back to the African Organic cafe for the most amazing blueberry muffin. I had been thinking about it ever since I went there on day 1, so it had to be done. I visited New Market and found a library with free internet for me to use. I also attempted to find Mission Bay which has a beach but I had a hard time following the directions I got from a high school girl and ended up in what I would call Auckland's British Properties. That's OK, I stumbled upon this park where a swing set lay and for some reason I had been craving some swings. I even busted out a mini workout on a bench- push-ups,tri-dips,ab circuit on the grass. I walked back to the hostel, exhausted and ate dinner and went to bed.

On Saturday I got up nice and early to catch the 7:30am ferry to Rangitoto. Little did I know the amazing day that lay before me. Pretty much, right off the ferry I was onto beautiful single track that took me up to the summit of this volcano. I thought I would be the first one up but there was a young couple sitting up there. Turns out they had taken their own boat to this island. Rangitoto has another island,Manutapo, that joins into it via a small causeway (bridge). I just started going and followed some sign that went to the Outdoor education Center, which is like New Zealand's version of outdoor school...but better! I chatted with the manager about how to get back to Rangitoto via a trail I saw on the map and he pointed me at the right direction. But first, he told me to head in the other direction to check out Billy Goat point. All the trails I took on this island offered spectacular views of the ocean and the land in the distance. Just crazy! The trail back was pretty much just on a grass field and there were old war bunkers everywhere. Once back on Rangitoto I followed a sign to a trail called the coastal trail that took me back to the ferry. Well, this trail was the coolest trail I have ever been on. The entire thing was Volcanic rock and just super gnarly. If you fell on this stuff you would be pretty banged up as the rock was super sharp. I definitely ran slow but was smiling from ear to ear. Once back at the ferry, I got to chatting with another couple who were out there running. They were training for a race that was happening here in 2 weeks called the Dual. They are coming to Vancouver in 6 months and have actually signed up for a tour in whistler just to see the bears. This always confuses me as I try my best to stray far away from deadly animals but I guess it would interest you if you come from a place that has no wild animals. My adventure today was about 4 hours and was the best thing I have done by far in Auckland.

With the advice from the girl at the hostel, I left Auckland today and boarded a bus to Hamilton and then another one to Raglan, my final destination. I guess this town would compare to Tofino- a total surf and arts town. At most of the shops- they make everything themselves. They had a wicked farmers market and all the cafes & restaurants serve up pretty wicked healthy wholesome food. The atmosphere is super laid back...the complete opposite to Auckland. My hostel has only a capacity to hold 50ppl versus 50ppl at the last one. There is a hot tub, sauna, hammocks, free bikes & kayaks. There is yoga and you can rent surf gear right at the hostel. I am pretty much living in house on the beach and I only had to pay 2 more dollars. And my bed, its a queen size! As you can see I am very happy here. I wish I had more time here but I will leave Wednesday. I just spent the day relaxing and reading, exactly what I wanted to do here. Tapering should be pretty easy in Raglan! Oh, also, apparently jack Johnson has a house here.

This morning I got up and went for a quick 30 minute run. It's pretty cloudy and windy but it made the amazing coffee they serve up here taste that much better. I am really enjoying the book I am reading- the help. I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm looking forward to it. I plan to go for a kayak later. A bunch of us were going to go Surfing but apparently it's not a very good day for it. Oh darn! I tried to post pics the other day but blogspot was being a bit slow so I'll try again in a day or so!

There is quite a bit of hype around the Tarawera 100. Especially since Anton Krupicka is signed up...not sure if he is running. They had a big article on it in the paper in Auckland. I'm stoked to run on Saturday! Until next time,


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Leslie said...

Who ran like a Superstar? YOU ran like a Superstar! Hope you're having the time of your life hanging with the warm and welcoming, kind and generous Ultra Peeps on the other side of the world.