Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Wow, I feel like I have been here for weeks but I am only on day 3!

I arrived in Auckland at 6am. I flew 14hrs direct with Air New Zealand and I was so impresed with the airline. Free wine with dinner, yes please!!!! I even got to watch the descendants, great movie. I managed to sleep quite a bit through the night but only because I fully cover myself (head included) with the blanket. I got dropped off on Queens street (main street) and went to the closest hostel I could find. I wasn't able to check in until 1pm, so I put my bag in storage, changed into my run clothes and set out for the first run of the trip.

My legs felt like lead and were pretty swollen from the flight, even though I wore compression socks. I ran along the harbour, which is kind of like a sea wall with lanes for walkers and bikers. I followed some lady up and over some over pass and just randomly ran around. I ran into a guy who worked for Air NZ along the way and chatted with him about what to see in Auckland. I carried on and decided to stop at this cute organic cafe. I had a coffee and the best falafals with beet hummus ever! After that I found myself running by the University of Auckland (nice campus) and eventually ended up in Albert Park. Finally, I ended back at my hostel and it was time to check in! At this piont I crashed in my room for a bit and chatted with some of the girls who were staying with me. After a quick nap I went out for adventure number 2. One of the girls stayed at a hostel not too far from the one we were at in Ponseby. It kind of reminds me of the Commercial Street area. Tons of wonderful restaurants. I found my first Lululemon and a running store! It's truely insane how much things cost here. A pair of Brooke runners cost b/w $250-$299. I made my way back towards the hostel, stopping off at the grocery store and got the fixings to make some dinner. Aunt Julie, you'd be happy to know that Vogels bread is a staple of my diet everyday!

Day 2: After the best sleep of my life I got up and set off on the Ferry to the island of Weiheke (sp?). This passanger only ferry was about 35 minutes and such a beautiful ride. A girl (from the U.S) who was working at Lulu yesterday recommended I go to this island and hike to Stoneyridge which is where these awesome boulders are. I can remember Peter showing me a picture of them a couple years back. I bussed as far as I could and then had to run 4km along a paved road and then 7 along un-sealed road (dirt road). The views I got along the dirt road were just stunning. There were cows and lamb/sheep everywhere. I even hitch hiked about 2km of the dirt road because it was so damn hot (only brought 500ml of water) and I just wanted to get there. The boulders were so awesome as if they were just plunked down from the sky. I ran into a guy later who actually climbed them. Apparently there is a guide book. There is quite a bit of history in that area as well because during world war 2, army men set up their base camp up there. The run back was uneventful but the finish was so rewarding- a stunning beach. I wish I had brought a towel and I may have jumped in. I probably should have just jumped in regardless. I hung out with this older couple from South Carolina for the next 30 minutes or so and the 3 of us hitchhiked to the stoneyridge winery (this island has dozens of them). People are just so nice here. The guy who picked us up couldnt have been more delighted to take us out of his way and up to this windery. We were only there a short time as we had a bus to catch. After that I showered, did the internet thing, grabbed groceries and crashed.

Day 3: I got to go for a 2 hour run with Malcolm Law. he is a local here, origionally from the UK, and took me on an awesome run. I wish I had some picks but I forgot my camera. internet is about to run out and my pictures wont download for some reason so all you get is words. I think i might go hike up mount Edan today...its not to challenging but offeres spectacular views of Auckland.

So far my taper hasn't been very taper-esque...hard to do on vacation!

Can't wait for the race a week Saturday in Rotorua!
ps- I had no time to spell check so I hope it's not to bad!

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Kaz said...

Have an awesome time, Nicola. It's such a beautiful country. Have a nice cold Tui for me. Hope you enjoy your race.