Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mountain Running in the Canadian Rockies: A Book Review!!!!

I have always wanted to go run in the Canadian Rockies. The word "Rockies" in itself just sounds epic.

The other day I had a realization. I spend so much of my time thinking of all the places across the country I want to go run when in fact, I haven't even really explored what MY OWN country has to offer. And then POW...3 days later I stumble upon a book which so happened to be called "Mountain Running in the Canadian Rockies". I was stoked because now I have my own little guide to take along with me! A guide to all the best mountain and trail running in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

I can't beleive I have never got my butt out there to run when I have run in the Colorado Rockies twice in the last 2 years!

The author, Bob Walker, has done an exceptional job with this book. It just came out in 2009 and thus is extremely up to date. It contains classic routes, new routes, long distance runs, epic adventures, and short trails. If you are new to trail running/adventuring there is a quite a few pages on what you might need in terms of food, gear, and travel. Also, other topics discussed: Solo travel, getting lost, injury, animals, and weather and climate. Those are all important things that are easily overlooked.

Each route is complete with a map, GPS tracks of all routes, distance, elevation, estimated time, directions, route description, amazingly gorgeous pictures, and overall route quality. For anyone who is environmentally concerned, this book was printed on recycled paper.

I am sooooo incredibly stoked to go check out many of these runs this year. And thanks to this book, I can pick the best of the best!!!!

See you in the trails and THE CANADIAN ROCKIES!!!!!


Tom Craik said...


Jen Segger blogged on this too. Is it a worthwhile read? We're pretty lucky right here in North Van though, aren't we?

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

haha...ya but if you ever want to broaden your horizens (I know I know you went to Asia this past summer) then you should get your butt to the rockies and try out some of these trails!! ROADTRIP!

garobbins said...

Having lived and hiked there for numerous years I will attest to the fact that although we are very lucky here on the coast, nothing compares to the terrain in The Rockies. It's truly some of the most beautiful and accessible alpine terrain in the world and I'd be down for a trail running road trip for sure!!


aka Moogy said...

I am thinking about moving from Ontario to either the Rockies or the N. Vancouver area so I can have sweet trails to run on a daily basis. Just pure jealousy. ;)

AKM said...

Lake O'Hara!!! You have to go run the High Alpine Route at Lake O'Hara near Trail BC. Its amazing in there!!!