Saturday, November 28, 2009

A perfect rainy Saturday

This morning a girlfriend of mine, Darlana, and I went on a glorious, rainy, and snowy hike up the BCMC. We used to play basketball together in College and it had been ages since we had seen each other. She is from Victoria but is going to UBC to get her teaching degree. She will make one amazing French Immersion teacher.

She had warned me that she is 'slow' and that she may 'hold me back'. I kind of laughed because every time I try and get someone to come do something active with me, they laugh out loud stating that they will 'slow me down', amongst other things. I then proceed to express that I would never invite someone to come adventuring with me and then leave them in the dust. Sometimes, I just want to hang out with a friend whilst doing some physical, instead of just chatting over coffee (which is also great to) or going solo. I like showing people from out of town our local mountains and the quick hikes we have at our disposal. I also wanted to get up in the snow and bask in the glory of the winter wonderland we have up high.

She was having a hard time at the start and yes the pace was slower than mine. BUT, I am in a recovery phase of my training and I could care less if I was walking a mile an hour or moving quickly. Today was all about just getting out and being in nature. It was about taking someone somewhere they had never been. She was feeling a bit dizzy and was stopping every few minutes. I told her to 'keep moving forward' just like I would say to myself in an ultra. After a while, she felt better and recognized that when she stopped less, she felt better. Hitting the snow line seemed to help as well!

We got to the top, smiles on our faces, wet and happy. We got some hot tea and made our way back down the gondola back to the car. It was a fantastic way to spend the rainy day. Thanks D!!!

See you in the trails!!!!

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Unknown said...

You have an awesome attitude...your goal was just get out there and enjoy it and I'm sure that meant a lot to your friend. I love being out in the rain!