Monday, November 2, 2009

Not much left to do...

All I have left to do is relax...

The official relaxation part of the taper has begun. Although, I don't know how relaxing cramming 5 days of work into 3 days is going to be! My vehicle decided it wasn't going to start on Friday. Maybe it was bad Karma telling Gary Robbins how amazing my $700 car has been so far. It almost lasted a whole month without any problems, I was hoping for longer. Maybe this is a sign I should really import a beautiful new Mitsubishi Delica!!!!

The kicker
...wait for it...this morning I got a tow truck to take it down to the mechanic. I didn't bother to try and start it as it didnt start on Friday or Saturday. The mechanic calls, he got it to start first try! WOW...lesson learned there! Attempt to start your car before paying $50 for a tow.

Saturday I finished my last long run of 2 hrs 40 minutes with the Mountain Madness Trail Clinic. It was nice to run with good friends all training for the Phantom Trail Race (12km,19km, 24km) which is going on November 14th starting/finishing at the LSCR.

That afternoon Peter and I drove up to my family cabin at MT. Baker. It was great to get away and actually relax, play a crap load of backgammon (we have a somewhat friendly competition going to which I am losing), make an amazing dinner, and finish the night off with a movie...well part of it because I fell asleep 20 minutes later. It wasn't exactly the most exciting Halloween but I have been feeling under the weather and just needed to sleep and recover! And sleep I did, almost 12 hours thanks to daylight savings!

NEW AND EXCITING NEWS...Remember those secret trails I keep talking about and frolicking in, well, the time has come for them to be revealed. I introduce you to...

(Fat Dog 100 Logo- the name came about because it is a trail in the area and it's badass!)

Check out this website Fat Dog 100 for more details and to see some amazing photos of the race. This one is for sure on my list to do, whether its this year or next! I am already familiar with 50 miles of the course and I can tell you it's beautiful, challenging, and unforgettable.

Alright, here's to more relaxing and patiently waiting in excitement for Saturday's race.


ps- I picked up my car from the mechanic with only a minor bill and it seems to be working great! I got my Percy Wheels back!!!


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