Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in the game!

Alright! It's officailly time to get back at er'! I spent a wonderful weekend at Mt. Baker with good friends, lounging, snowshoeing, eating, and drinking. I am dying to run again. My body is just not the same without it. I love it, I miss it, and I am ready to get in the best shape of my life.

Last year I did a lot of running and not a lot of anything else. I kept trying to throw things in (the gym, yoga, crossfit) but I was never consistent with it. That's the key to success...consistency. I have been going to yoga 2-4x/week and that is something I want to keep up as well as strength training 2x/week. If I start now, and stay consistent, I am hoping to keep it going at a maintenance level throughout the running season instead of just stopping. Once I stop, it's a lot harder to start all over again.

Keep your eyes open as I am hoping for some amazing snow adventures to come. I am determined to learn to ski tour this winter. I have not skied since Gr.7 which was back in 1997, so this should be an interesting learning curve. Hopefully an easy one! I loved skiing, it was my favorite winter sport but snowboarding became all the rage and I switched. I never really enjoyed it as much and pretty much stopped going up the mountain all together because of it (and lift prices).

The last 2 weeks I had been dealing with some tight muscles (calf, IT-Band, and hip flexor). A little A.R.T seemed to clear that up and I am ready to take on the world.

See you in the trails, hopefully with a little dusting of snow!

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AKM said...

Backcountry skiing is awesome! You'll love it!