Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeling good...

Trail clinic this morning was (in the words of my cousin Martin)a blasty blast.

I may not have mentioned this in the past but I have been involved with the Mountain Madness trail clinics on and off (due to work) for the last bunch of years. The returning leaders are awesome and the members are always super energetic and gung ho. Of course, I make it my mission to convert as many new trail runners to ultra runners as quickly as I can!!! It does take years however.

Two years ago a fellow named Raj joined the clinic. He was a delight but he kind of vanished part way through and we never saw him at the goal race. I think he ended up being injured but that is beside the point. Here we are, 2 years later and he shows his face again. He is hilarious and watching him run makes me giddy. That is because Raj runs with a lot of passion. He loves the trails, you can just tell, and he makes you realize why you love them to. He rip roars on the down hills and runs all over the place, like a little kid who has been let out for recess.

Today, I just had one of those runs where everything clicked. It was by no means a hard run but I felt good in all aspects of the run. Saturdays are always an interesting day for me. Normally I run Tues-Sunday. It seems as though, by Saturday, I am pretty tired from the previous 4 days of running. However, by Sunday, I am always rejuvenated and ready to rock out another long run. I think Saturday is my hump day!

I am excited for tomorrow as Peter and I are heading out to Squamish (weather dependent)for my first 3 hour run of the year! Seems like only yesterday 3 hours didn't seem like a big deal but when you are coming back from injury, 3 hours is great! I am building a really strong base with proper progressions and I am excited for everything that is to come.

I just wanted to mention how much fun I had attending 2 of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival shows. Last night was a big 'hoora' for rock climbing. A few big names were there doing presentations about what hey had been up to in the last while. These guys live the life. Climbing is their full-time job. That means, they get to wake up everyday and go play. Most of them spend their time traveling the world to do so. Ideal life! I always get really inspired and fantasize about leaving town for a couple months to just run and climb all day everyday. It would be a very simplistic life and I really like that. A life without 'stuff'. Just you and nature. What could be better.

On that note,

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! See you in the trails!

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