Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's just one of those days...OR is it YOU!?

Sometimes, in our busy world, we have the tendency to become a tad careless. With so much on the go (i.e. places to be, people to call, run to fit in, gym to fit in) it's easy to forget the most simplest of things. Such as...


Alright, in the paragraph above, you can replace 'I' every time I previously said "we" or "you". I had one thing I wanted to get done today before I met Peter for lunch at noon: complete my strength training program. I have 3 to do this week and I did my first one on Tuesday. Today was the day to get in session #2. It needed to get in before lunch because I just knew in my head it wouldn't get done otherwise (I wanted to run in the afternoon). I trained a client this morning and met a good friend for coffee, knowing all along I would do the workout after that.

I drove to the gym, parked my car, and went into my trunk to grab my workout sheet, which lists all the exercises, reps, sets and weight. I was surprised to realize that I had forgotten it at Delany's coffee shop. I had taken it out to show my friend some of the new moves I had learned. Yes, you pictured it correctly. I was demoing exercises, on my hands and knees, in the middle of the coffee shop. I can get, what some might call, 'a little over excited' at times.

Fortunately, I have a great memory and remembered all the exercises, reps, sets and approximate weights. I was set, or so I thought. I quickly and without thought, closed the trunk of my car. Within seconds, I realized I had left my keys inside.

Now, I have been known to do stupid...wait...let's change that to 'careless' acts before. It was only 6 months ago I locked myself out of my house. We could probably go ahead and call this sort of thing "pulling a Nicola". Common, say it with me, "I just pulled a Nicola!". You can say it anytime you lock yourself out of your work, car, house, and/or anywhere else that would really suck to be locked out of.

I immediately called Peter and whimpered. That's how I tend to deal and immediately get over such misfortunes. After a little tear, I called BCAA. It was going to be $140 to renew my membership (which was somehow canceled in 2008?) and get road side assistance. The alternative was to call a tow truck for $60. Any of these options would of meant, sitting by my car for an unknown period of time, thus missing my workout. As an athlete, I tend to put myself and my workouts at the top of the list.

I called Peter back, asked him if he could help me break into my car later, and got on with the show. I have only had a car for the last 4 months and before that I used to get around on my own 2 feet. I had a killer leg workout, followed by a 15 minute run to meet Peter for sushi. I arrived in the best of spirits and had a great time. Afterwords, I took what some might call "the loser cruiser" (bus) back home. To get home I had to make a transfer. I had some time to kill and went into the library to check out some books. I found one, and seeing as though I didn't have my wallet (in my car) she had to look up my account. She told me I had $30 dollars in fines that were from 2003. I could have sworn I took care of those 7 years ago! All I wanted to say to myself was "I guess it's just one of those days". However, if I were to have said that, I feel like I would have been setting myself up for something else negative to happen. Instead, I will attribute it all to carelessness!

The moral of the story is, we can all make a choice whether or not we let something unfortunate shape the pace of our day. If you let something get to you, and you are cranky and moody because of it, that is your choice. Those who choose to be negative tend to affect the moods of those around them, and they get what they put out. I choose to remain positive because my day and my life are sooooo much better that way.

See you in the trails!

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Tom Craik said...

I love this post. I sometimes wonder though, if things like locking your keys in your car happen for a reason? Maybe some strange earth force is trying to give you a sign. Maybe just to slow down or...I don't know, something even bigger than that. Maybe not to do your workout and go for another coffee. I mean seriously, you were dragged back to the coffee shop anyway, by virtue of leaving your workout there.
You're right about one thing for sure. Sometimes we're just going so fast we forget to breath and smell the proverbial flowers.