Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Walking to school...

I was running with a client today and we were doing hill repeats up a local hill by my house. This hill happens to be on a major route where children walk to the nearest elementary school. It was really cute watching all the kids trekking to school, some on their own and many in groups. I couldn't help but reflect back on my own childhood. I lived a block from my school and walked every single day.

For a moment, I tried to put myself in their shoes. What kinds of things did I think about? Worry about? It was hard to remember but interesting to think about.

All of a sudden Peter's Father and nephew (Joe) were walking up the street. I said hello and wished Joe a great day at school. We passed by them on the next repeat and Joe started sprinting up the hill. Adorable would be an understatement and it truly made my day.

So, what do I think about now? What do I worry about?

Is it that much different than when I was a child?

Boys and crushes: I think I spend a lot of time, too much, thinking about this when I was a child. I seemed to have a crush on someone new every month. It kept life interesting. Back then, I think the only thing that attracted me to these boys was the fact that I thought they were cute. Then you grow up and you realize the cuteness factor will only get you so far. Can they make me laugh? Do we have similar interests? Can we live together? Can he run with me (hehe)?

Work: Well, I guess when I was in Elementary school I didn’t think too much about this but, I did have a paper route and I was a soccer referee. Both were short lived. The paper route proved to be too much work once my mom stopped helping me stuff my papers and I couldn’t handle all the abuse I got as a ref. One thing though, I have never had a job I didn’t like. I have had a lot of jobs and each one has helped me get to where I am today. All have been a natural progression to the next. I don’t worry to much about work. I love my job and besides the odd inconsistencies during the holidays and summer, it allows me the freedom to pursue all the goals I have in my life.

Money: I was lucky, I had an allowance. It wasn’t crazy but I think I worked my way up to $40/month. Hey, that was enough to buy candy, 2 for 1 chocolate bars from the dollar store, and see the odd movie at the theater. I really don’t worry much about money. As long as I can do everything I want to do in this life, I am one happy girl. I often get asked, how do you afford to go on so many trips? Do you have an endless bank account? No, I don’t. I just try not to live beyond my means. Peter and I go on road trips, saving us money on airfare. We camp or stay in motel 6’s. We cook our own food. It’s one formula that seems to balance out pretty well.

Athletics: They were a huge part of my childhood. I was a total tomboy and spent my entire lunch hour playing basketball, soccer, four square, and any other sport I could with the boys. I have an older brother and I always wanted to play with him and his friends. Nothing has really changed. I am still striving to be the best I can be and I am really looking forward to seeing my full potential in the years to come.

See you in the trails!

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