Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I for one know what it feels like to always be 'striving for perfection', or whatever I think that means to me. But without fail, I always come up short. Perhaps that is because, we are all human, and perfection is one hard thing to reach, especially since there really is no definition for perfection (well,I lied,there is: the state or quality of being or becoming perfect).

As an athlete, I always want to be able to train as much as I can. How much is enough? That is a hard question to answer. How much is too much? There is no definition of the perfect amount to train. We all have different bodies that allow us to train more or less than the other. Just because one may train less, doesn't mean, they aren't working as hard. It's just that, one body might succeed just as much as another, with various training volumes.

Then we have the 'perfect diet'. There are a million books out there telling us the proper way to eat. Which one is right? Perhaps I should say, which one is right for you? I ordered a nutrition book for athletes online (it's on it's way) as the route of it's foundation looked interesting. I was on their website and began educating myself on the basis of this particular way of eating. One of the first things I noticed is that they cut out, potatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes. Immediately I got a little defensive. How dare they tell me I can't have sweet potatoes! Of course, I bought this book as an educational tool. If I want to keep eating yam's, I will keep eating yam's.

There have been times when I have stuck to a more structured eating plan and to be honest, it wasn't very fun. I am a girl who is all about fun, laughter and life. If I am always striving for 'perfection' I am not having a lot of fun. On the flip side, if I neglect myself and what I truly want for myself, I am equally not having any fun. I guess that is why instead of striving for 'perfection' (whatever that means), we strive for balance. Because, I know for myself, when my body, mind and soul are all in equilibrium, I am one happy girl!

ps- If we were always striving to be perfect, I would be left with little room for error. As a person who likes to try a lot of different things, I need as much room as I can get!!!

See you in the trails!


Alli Shafer said...

Hey girl,
Love this post and the meanings behind it. Check out my blog as I did a little nutrition profile myself yesterday. By no means "perfect," but who is?


Very thought provoking post. Its a good thing to self evaluate/make changes to help maximize one's own potential.

" It is the Perfection of man to admit his own imperfections"
(St. Augustine)