Friday, February 19, 2010


Wednesday night Peter and I went to see Feist at the Orpheum Theatre. I had bought him the tickets back in November, not even realizing the show was happening while the Olympics were here and that this concert was part of the Cultural Olympiad.

The show had completely sold out and I was excited to be going out for a fun night. We had reservations at a Thai/Malaysian restaurant,called 'Tropika', where the accountant for Peter's work is a server. I had a friend last minute decide she wanted to come down to see the show and would try and find scalpers tickets.

Dinner was awesome! We pretty much had Billy (the accountant) order for us and he did not disappoint. We had chicken, lamb, and beef satay with peanut sauce and roti calai (malay bread) with a spicy curry sauce to start. The satay was juicy and succulent and the roti canai was amazing, nothing like I was expecting having had 'roti' before at a middle eastern restaurant.

For the main course we ordered green beans with tomatoes and prawns served in some sort of spicy curry sauce (that is my go to if I don't know the sauce) and an assorted Assam seafood hot pot (muscles, clams, prawns, white fish and squid).

Desert was on the house so we chose to go with the deep fried Banana. I have had this once before in my lifetime and as much as I hate the thought of having a deep fried banana, it was ever so tasty. I definitely left feeling quite full and was ready to move on and enjoy the show.

We only had to walk a few blocks to the theatre and the streets were just packed. The Olympics sure have brought this city together. You can go out on any given day and there are thousands of people roaming the streets, live music, and tons of random street shows.

We decided to skip the piano opener and opted to listen to it from the lobby, where we enjoyed a beverage or two and waited for Feist to come on. Peter and I had been listening to the CD I got him for Christmas over the last few weeks and we pretty much knew all the songs, which was great because I like to sing along. They finally came out and I was surprised to see that Feist is super short. I thought she was much taller, at least she looks it on T.V. She was spunky and lively and has such a unique voice to her. My only comment would be that she played for an hour straight without engaging the crowd at all. A simple "hello" would have sufficed but we got nothing. I found myself wanting to fall asleep (I was tired) during some of the mellower songs. I really like when artists connect with their audience and give you a chance to get to know them a little bit. She didn't do that.

I would still recommend her show to anyone who gets the chance to see her. She is very talented and plays and writes all her own music. Peter had yet to go downtown to see any of the festivities so we made sure to walk by the flaming torch before we got back onto the Sea Bus to go home.

Well I better get out the door because these legs won't run themselves. I decided to do my run later today because sometimes, a girl just wants to sleep in and enjoy a nice breakfast without rushing. So I did! Tonight I am off to an Introductory massage course. Should be fun and I am sure I will learn a lot. You need to have done this course before you can apply to the West Coast School of Massage. I am not 100% set on going or anything but I do want to see if it is something I want to pursue further. This course is a great start.

See you in the trails!

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