Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Vacation

I officially feel like a lucky elementary school kid who is on their summer holidays!!!

Two weekends ago I spent 3 wonderful days on Vancouver Island with all the Gildersleeve Clan (including the inlaws, who renamed themselves the "outlaws").

(``The Cousins``)

(All seven of my Dad`s sisters and Brothers- including himself)

It was a family reunion of sorts except there were some key players missing. Trip highlights:

- My first run ever with another family member - Uncle Mike and my cousin Caitlin

(My cousin Jordan sporting something he picked up in his travels through Brazil)

- Volleyball 24/7
- Cliff Jumping, it took me 10 minutes to convince myself to jump off the highest rock!
- Breakfast at The Bakery, owned and operated by a guy who had his leg shot off when he was 12 because someone in the woods thought he was a Deer!!!!
- Covering myself in clay

- Saturday night dance party at the Reader family residence

(My Aunt Julie busting a move)

- Camping on the Reader Family Residence lawn
- Ping Pong- notably getting beaten in a close match to my aunt Julie!

(Game face is on, or not and maybe that is why I lost)

- 23 of us watching the Holland vs. Spain World Cup Final on Sunday

The day after we got home from the Island we were off to spend 7 wonderfdul days with my boyfriend's awesome family on Shuswap Lake. Trip Highlights:

- Getting my butt kicked by Peter`s 7 yr old nephew in a game of Backgamon
- Swimming, swimming, and more swimming
- Late night Sequence
- Couples Tennis!
- Amazing baking (brownies, banana bread, Cookies)
- Discovering a new running trail thanks to Pete`s Sister Kathleen!
- Taking part in Kath`s first yoga class- it was hard, I`m still feeling it!!!
- Morning Bike ride with Peter...I`m still feeling that too, just in the wrong place!

Now I am off to Manning Park for the week to Hike/course marking/do maintenance on the Fat dog 100 mile course. I don't think I have seen a drop of rain in 12 days and there doesn't seem to be any in the forecast. I sure am one lucky girl.

I ran once at the lake and after about 20 minutes my right knee (maybe ITB Syndrome) started to flare up. It doesn't bother me up hill, only downhill and a bit on the flats. I've accepted my fate and will not attempt to run for another week, however hiking feels great! I will just enjoy this down time(which I am a lot, more than I ever have before)and will bask in what is happening around me. So far that has been biking, hiking, and a whole lot of tennis and bocce! OK, and I guess eating, eating, and a lot more eating (without a care in the world of what and how much)!

I'll post some pictures very very soon! For now, I am off to hike the BCMC!!!

See you in the trails (Manning Park for those doing Fat Dog 100). Good Luck!

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