Friday, January 20, 2012


Ha, if you take a look at my race schedule, so far, none of the races are in Canada. This was very different from last year because pretty much all of my races were within driving distance. But, to be honest, my goal last year was to stick around and save some money so that this year, I could have a bit more flexibility. I feel like I accomplished this.

I had origionally planned on heading to NZ in January but I am really glad I didn't. Last year, I got back on my ski's for the first time in 13 years and I am so glad I did because since then, I have been to some outstandingly beautiful places.

Thursday of last week, Peter and I lucked out and had a mid-week day off together. Luckily for us, the forecast was just awesome and we went ski touring up on Geribaldi.

Man, the sky was just blue bird and the sun was hitting the snow capped mountain tops perfectly. The tint of my sunglasses made the hosizon look like the kind of ocean you would only find in paradise. Sensational. Had I fled off in January, I would have missed out on all this great skiing. Looks like were heading out again next Monday and Tuesday!

Today, I found out that I got into UTMB. This of course, was all apart of my plan but it didn't feel real until today. I am glad that I didn't do a 100 miler last year because it has made me feel pretty hungry for this one.

The weather here right now is pretty bananas. Basically, just a ton of rain and the trails are quite icy now from the snow we had the other week. Today for some reason I am longing for a nice warm, dry run but will take what I can get. At least its not -30!

I'll try and post some pics in a couple days when Peter's back from his overnight ice climbing trip.

See you in the trails!

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priceyruns said...

That's a sweet looking race schedule mate.

My buddy Campbell is racing the Tarawera 100km too. He used to live in BC, has a Knacker and Stormy under his belt and would love to chat North Shore trails with ya.

Have fun training!