Sunday, April 7, 2013


The week leading up to this race my legs were feeling DEAD. It was weird to because I hadn't done a long run that past weekend and took it REALLY easy the week leading up to the race. Nonetheless I was going to run no matter what fully knowing that it was probably not going to be a "RACE". This was going to be my 4th ultra of the year which is the most I have ever done this early on, let alone perhaps in a calendar year. I guess that explains the fatigue I have been feeling?

Berry Young and I coming into the finish. Photo: Peter Watson

I started out relativity fast with some of the other leading ladies but it become apparent on the first hill that my legs were just done. I pulled back the pace for the rest of the race and just ran in a place that made me want to continue. In fact, at one point I almost dropped out but then I saw my friend Barry Young, who I finished Chuckanut 50km with and kept going. After the half way mark I was walking most of the climbs and Barry and I chatted away as we ran.

Dennis B breaking through the "finish tape" Photo: Peter Watson
This one goes down in the books as not a great race (obviously) but it was awesome "mental" training. There are for sure going to be a lot of low moments in Western States 100 come June and I am that much more prepared to put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving. There are always lessons to be learned from Ultras and I continue to learn with every one I do.

Dennis B and I at the finish. Photo: Peter Watson
 It was so awesome to be surrounded by familiar faces all along the course. The course was so well marked and the post race BBQ was delicious.

Congrats to my co-worker and good friend Dennis Begley who decided out of nowhere to sign up for his first ultra. He had done but one 10km event before taking on this challenge. Having struggled with some ITB issues 6 weeks before the race, Dennis bravely toed the line and finished!
His courage and will to get the job done definitely kept me motivated while I was out there. No matter how much I wanted to stop (mentally) I knew he would be out there hurting much more physically.

Thanks to La Sportiva for making awesome shoes (the Crosslite is my go to) that keep my feet in great shape all ultra long!

See you in the trails!

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