Monday, September 9, 2019

Nicola Gildersleeve (your host!): My interview on the Trail Running Women Podcast

This is an interview I did with Hilary Spires, the host of The Trail Running Women Podcast. She recorded me about my journey in life and in running. In this episode we talk about my early days growing up as an athlete, how my parents influenced/help to develop my skills, playing varsity basketball at Cap U, walking onto the UBC track and field/Cross country team, a subclinical eating disorder I developed while in college, becoming an ultra runner, my 13 years of running and racing and life beyond running. 

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Ms. Brown said...

Nicole, nothing compares to seeing you in person but this listen pulled at my heart strings and made me want to send you the biggest thank you for taking the personal journaling to the next level. UBC was the place to be! Thanks for the share! <3