Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's back Baby!

I woke up this morning at 5:00am knowing that it may have snowed last night- AND IT DID! It was glorious and best of all, it stuck to the roads! The winter wonderland was back in action. I had a good time singing my own version of the old classic "running in a winter wonderland", though I don't know how much my boyfriend enjoyed it!

I usually run to and from work on Tuesday's and Thursday's for a 6am start. I am a personal trainer and I train my client at her house. Fortunately for me she lives high up on Delbrook Street, so I get the pleasure of slogging up Dempsey Road twice a week. Remember my friends "hills are your friend". Last week I had a really bad fall on some ice that I couldn't see in the dark. At least today the snow had lit up the route and was fresh enough to grip nicely onto my yak tracks. It was snowing quite heavily as well and I enjoyed having the plush snowflakes sprinkle onto my nose as well as melt on my lips for some extra hydration.

Enjoy the day everybody! Go run outside!

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