Thursday, March 26, 2009


I RIGHT NOW, HAVE THIS PERMA SMILE ON MY FACE!!!! There are certain things in life that just fill your heart with joy (o.k that sounded corny). Let's re-phrase: There are certain things in life that just make you want to run up and down the street yelling WOOOO HOOOOO at the top of your lungs!!!! This is one of them.

I received a facebook message this morning from Wendy Montgomery. She told me I was selected as an alternate to represent Canada in the 100km World Championships in Belgium, June 19th and that they needed my e-mail address. I have a Personal Training Certification exam tonight and I kind of went back to studying and momentarily put it out of my head. When I came home for lunch and checked my e-mail, there it was! Before I even checked out the team list (because I thought I was an alternate) I had forwarded the e-mail to my boyfriend. I spent the next few minutes checking out the details of the race, funding (or lack of), travel, accomodations etc. Then I got a call back from Peter saying that I wasn't chosen as an alternate and that I WAS ON THE TEAM!!!! My smile went from big, to REALLY BIG!

I also realized that Belgium is right next to Holland, a place I have wanted to go back to since I was there in August of 2006 (only for 5 days). I'll spend more time looking into it when I get home tonight but for now I must focus and continue studying for my exam that is in 5 hours! Wish me luck!


DC said...

YOU GO GIRL! Congrats! That is awesome!

Gary Robbins said...

Go Gilder Go!!
Congrats Nic, so stoked for you!!

dutchdog said...

your dad is so proud..........and well he should be.Keep smiling and miling.