Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect "sunny" Timing + decisions decisions

I couldn't have asked or woken up to a more beautiful day. Yesterday and most of the week (and next week) had been raining. Of course, the day I am running 4 hours, the weather gods deliver amazing temps and THE SUN! Although it wasn't quite warm enough for me to bust out shorts, I know it is only a matter of days until the switch happens for good. There's a reason the weather network is my home page on my lap top. Purely so I can know what to wear when I go running.

Adam, Peter and I all met in Deep Cove at 7am and shuttled over to Ambleside. Adam had the sweetest bright blue turbo van covered in Z95.3 stickers and it still had a cassette player. I loved it. We headed up the Cap Pacific Trail and ran in and around Capilano Damn. Peter was trying out some new trails to see what would work well for The Summer Solstice Trail Marathon in June. We ran into a lot of people we knew today. Jurgen was out in fine form with his bro Monty. After a short jog up Nancy Green Way we headed along Baden Powell and after a short/long skip and a jump we were in Deep Cove. I love finishing runs in Panorama Park. It's just so crazy beautiful. Not to mention, I had one of the best treats I have had in a while- a Honeys Donut- just what the doctor ordered.

Ever since we were in Joshua Tree a week and a half ago I have had this interesting soft nag in my hip. I have been so fortunate ever since I started running and have had no injuries. Maybe that is because I take 2 days off a week and take it easy after hard races to let my body recover. Way Too Cool was a hard effort for me and I think my body maybe needed more time to recover. With Miwok being only 6 weeks away at the time, I felt the need to keep training. My body felt really good until I volunteered to get my Lactate Balance Point tested (4 days later) for this certification we were getting down in Joshua Tree. The test wasn't very long and it required me to run easy, moderate and then hard, hard enough to accumulate lactate (HR 180 bpm). Then I went back to running easy and every 3-4 minutes or so I'd run about 5 beats faster until I reached 175 bpm (and started to accumulate Lactate again) where they held me for 3-4 minutes. That night and since that day my hip has been reminding me that it's not quite right. Now, normally that test wouldnt bother me, but perhaps I didn't warm up enough and it was a bit to soon after my race Needless to say, it's been a week and a half now and some days it's hardly noticeable and some days (like today) it is very noticeable. I was hoping it would just go away but I guess that was wishful thinking. Lets see how it responds to some massage/ART and a few days of biking. Even with a little pain today I am left in good spirits. That's what a little sunshine and kicking my boyfriends ass at Backgammon will do to you.

I have 3 more days until I have to make up my mind about going to Belgium with the Canadian 100km World Cup Team. I am a little worried about finances as there is no financing. With travel, food, and accomodation, it won't be cheap. Most people are telling me that I am crazy not to go. They are also very supportive in coming up with ideas to help me raise money. I am stuck in a dilemma (see next paragraph)!

I have had this one goal for the entire season- to qualify for western states 100miler. I wake up everyday thinking about it. I get out there and train for it 5 days week. It is full but you can still qualify by finishing in the top 3 at any Montrail Cup event. I had signed up for 2 of them: Way Too Cool 50km (I just completed that 2 weeks ago and came 4th by 2 minutes!!!!) and Miwok 100km May 2nd. My worry is, if I sign up to go to Belgium, I can't to Western States as it is 8 days after the 100km world cup event (and I'll be broke from going to Belgium). Of course, there is a chance I wont finish in the top 3 and then it will be a lose lose situation. So, do I abandon my original goal of going to Miwok and giving it my all in hopes to qualify for Western States or do I go with the sure thing, which I am sure will be one amazing experience? Some people might say it's a no brainer, but I'm still stuck.

Any thoughts?

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