Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Old Flame

Bugger! I have been reunited with an old flame. I had to break up with this old flame because he was a little too needy. He always needed to "rest" and he wouldn't let me run for 4 weeks. You guessed it, his name is Cuboid!

I ran the Howe Sound Crest Trail on Sunday and felt amazing. I experienced no pain but I will admit it may have been a little too much time on my feet, compared to what I had done in the 4 weeks prior. I took the next day off and biked the day after that because my quads were cooked from Sundays run. I ran 56 min slow slow in the am and biked for 90 min in the pm. Then on Thursday, Tamsin and I went and ran Hanes Valley. It was so beautiful out but O' so hot. Nonetheless, I was having a great day, until I rolled my right foot. I rolled it in the exact same place I did when I fractured it before. Even though I rolled it, it wasn't that bad, and kept running with no pain. The next day I ran for 50 minutes, again, very slow, and with no discomfort. Today, I ran for 3 hours. However today, I did feel some discomfort, not pain, but I could definitely notice a sensation in my cuboid. After my run I went to work at North Shore Athletics for 6 hours and I could feel it stiffening up over the course of the day. While I was injured the sport med doctor told me if I could hop up and down on one foot for 10 days pain free, I was good to go. Well today, I hopped on it a few times and both times weren't without some discomfort.

I can't help but wonder if I came back to fast or did too much too soon. With the weather being so nice and so many adventures to be had, it's hard not to want to be out there. I guess I assumed when the bone is's healed! Hopefully with a few days of biking, all will be good. I am heading to White Horse on Wednesday and am planning on running the Chilkoot Trail (55km) on Thursday. I want to do it so bad so I will be crossing my fingers.

See you in the trails!

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