Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whitehorse, Shuswap, and Colorado...HERE I COME!

(a pic of me in Leadville, Colorado last year, can't wait to go back)

Well, today is officially the start of my Vacation! Woohoo! I am flying to Whitehorse for the wedding of my cousin, which is on Saturday. I can't wait to see all the beautiful places and scenery people have talked so highly about. I haven't had the chance to meet Seth (her fiance) and am excited because I hear he is quite the catch. They are both outdoor adventurists and I am sure they will have lot's of suggestions for Peter and I. Sadly, the Chilkoot trail will not be run this time around but that's ok, another reason to go back right? I'd love to drive up there one day, I heard it's spectacular. My cousin is getting married on top of a mountain. You can get there by car or mountain bike. I am trying to convince Peter to mountain bike it with me, but...he sweats a lot more than I do, and sitting drenched at a ceremony doesn't sound all that appealing to him.

Next up, Shuswap Lake. The Watson Clan's annual August trip away. Pete's family has rented a cabin up there for over a decade and last year was my first year. It is such a blast. His brother in law bought a boat last year, so there's endless amounts of water skiing, tubing, and wake boarding. Last time I totally 'woosed' out and didn't try water skiing until the very last day. I soon realized what I had been missing out on all week and am looking forward to testing out my skills (or lack there of!). His mom cooks such amazing food and there are endless goodies to tempt the taste buds. Among other things, I'm going to bring my bike up there, and hopefully get out for some early morning rides. O...and I can't forget, touch up on my tennis skills. There's usually some doubles play and me and Pete took the cake last year!

Last but not least...TRANSROCKIES. If all the stars align, which they better, we will be coming back from Shuswap, getting in the car, and driving all the way to beautiful Colorado. Oh, how I love that place. 6 days of running, 113 miles of fun! I can't wait! Look forward to meeting many of you who are heading down there as well.

I won't be updating for a while but will post some pics once I get back in 2 weeks!

See you in the trails...


Devon said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah I get to see you at TransRockies! Excellent!

Sunshine Girl said...

Me, too! Me, too!