Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coho Run 14km- A Run the North Shore Event

I finally came out of retirement and spontaneously decided to do my first event since Western States. Taking the last 2.5 months of racing has been really good for me. Previous to last weekend, I hadnt even felt an urge to race in the last couple of months. Then all of a sudden that urge came back, so I jumped in it.

The Coho Run happens every year and is part of the bigger Coho Festival. Besides sending an important environment message, the purpose of the festival and the Society’s other endeavours is to raise funds for salmonid culture programs in North Shore schools and to support volunteer-managed fish hatcheries and local environmental groups involved in stream protection.

The run starts in Kitsilano and scenically takes you over the Burrard Street Bridge, onto the Stanley Park Seawall, over Lions Gate Bridge, and Finishes at Ambelside Beach (i.e- beach-bridge-beach-bridge-beach).

I was full of energy on this warm but rainy day. I was also full of inspiration because of those I watched participating in the giant Grand Fondo the day before. For those who don't know, the Grand Fondo is a 120km road race that went from Vancouver to Whistler. My boyfriend Peter pretty much did it off the couch and quite successfully I may add, finishing in a time of 4:45. All he was left with was a very sore butt the next day!

3, 2, 1...and we were off! I basically tried to mimic my 10km pace hoping that I could just hold on for the last 4km. Now, It has been a long time since I raced a 10km, so I don't even really know what 10km pace is. I just went out at a pace I thought I could sustain for the entire 14km. I mean, pace varies and is switched up multiple times in a race like this. I slow down a bit on the uphills, speed up a bit more on the downhills, and try and go as fast as I can (within reason) on the flats. I felt really good and was catching people all day.

There were definetly moments where I would think to myself "right, now I remember why I run ultra's". In ultra's it is usually a body part that starts to get tired, but in this race it was my lungs! I was more than happy to reach the 13km mark and cruised on in for 3rd place female (I think) in a time of 56:30! My goal today was just to go out and have some fun running fast, which I felt like I did. The day before I was unsure whether or not I could break an hour. I was stoked to see I did. These short races always hurt during but I truely do feel so good afterwards.

My family was having a big breakfast for my cousin Jordan who is moving to Toronto for work. The food and company were amazing. Great way to spend a day after a race. I would like to congradulate my uncle Mike for getting engaged a couple of weeks ago to his stunningly wonderful fiance Hilda. She has been such an amazing addition to our family and I couldnt imagine himself finding anyone more perfect for him. Love you both.

Alright, off to class. Analysis of dance here I come! Oh the glories of becoming a P.E Teacher.

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