Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wow o wow! Way to long since my last post. I was on a roll there for a while.

Soooo....running has been going fabulously. I am just so amped up right now about being out in the trails. The weather has finally turned and I can finally put all my tights back in the winter bin, hopefully not to be seen again for quite a few months. It's skorts and shorts from here on out! Now if I can just get rid of these damn long sleeve shirts!

After my biggest week in terms of mileage I decided that I would take a down/recovery week when I went to Palm Desert. This proved to be a good idea because it was hot...damn hot! I really couldn't run past 9am because I literally felt ill if I ran. So, it was a lot of early morning wake ups for me which is totally fine because I wake up early everyday! This also left me with lot's of time in the day to relax, shop, bike ride, explore, and eat!

I felt a little guilty on this trip because I was living a little beyond my means. I am used to living pretty frugally back home but the ladies I was with (2 were in their 60's) spent quite a bit of time shopping and eating out. But, eventually I got over it and embraced it. You know the saying...when in Rome! Thanks again Bailey for hosting me at your sweet pad!

I wonder if there will ever be a point in my life where I don't have to double think about spending money eating out or shopping? On the flip side, maybe it is a good thing no matter what because I think it's good to ask yourself "Do I REALLY need that". Most of the time, I don't. However, it amazes me how simply some people do live. And, the personalities on those people more than make up for their 'second hand' clothing, which others may judge them on....but I digress.

I had a great time away but at the same time, I am happy to be home. Happy to be back to regular weather, glorious trails, and the fabulous folks who I train, that inspire me and keep me fired up on a daily bases.

Last weekend was awesome because I had 3 great run's, all with great company. Friday I ran with Kerry Ward and his lunchtime crew (11 hilly miles). This lunchtime crew has been meeting 5 days a week for he last 27 years. There only 5 of us out this day but nonetheless it was great to have company on this rainy day. My legs were super tired from the previous days Chief workout but I made it to the end in one peice!

Saturday I lead the Squmaish Trail Running Club run and there were 6 of us out. The run ended up being a little longer than normal (19km) but with great company it simply flew by. We had great weather for it and my legs felt surprisingly good.

Sunday, Gretel, Shauna, and Jenni, and I went out for a grand adventure. We started at my house, ran to the Chief, followed the Squaw trail, up 9 mile hill, lavaflow, down ring creek rip, down powerhouse plunge and back home. This 5 hour run was my longest run to date this year (approx 24 + miles). It was also the run that solidified in my head that I am ready to race.

I had been having some hip flexor/TFL issues on an acute level. I would have a dull ache in that general area when running 2-3 hours. The feeling was never THAT bad but I was worried how it would hold up doing any sort of intensity (race). I think the down week I took while in Palm Desert gave my hip the breather that it needed. After 5 hours of running with no discomfort whatsoever on top of feeling really good, I am confident that I am ready to rock out come May 23rd at The Sun Mountain 50km. My goal races aren't until July (knee knacker 50km) and August (Where's Waldo 100km) and so I have kept everything pretty mellow as to not peak too early.

I totally miss racing and just being in that racing environment. I haven't been able to test myself in a while, something I am looking forward to in a couple of weeks. Reading Banff Trail Trashes Blog called 'Ultrarunning, it's like that' rang true for me in terms of why ultrarunning/runners are so fun!

Also, just want to congradulate my mom on finishing her first Marathon!!!!!!!!!! We watched and cheered her on the entire day and she looked so fresh from start to finish.

Alright, time to go get some work done. Looking forward to tonight's hill repeats with the Squamish Trail Running Club!!!!

See you in the trails!

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