Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adventure....right around the corner.

I have been following Krissy and Devon's R2R2R speed attempt ever since I first got news of the happenings which was only a few days before it happened. As cool as it was that they accomplished it, it's even cooler that they did it as a team. I think adventuring is often enjoyed more when done with someone else. I can think back to the movie 'Into the Wild" where right before he dies he writes..."Happiness is enjoyed more when shared"...or something along those lines.

I do enjoy runs solo but I enjoy adventures more with a companion.

I am in Palm Desert right now with a friend of mine, Bailey, her mom (Jos, a client) and her mom's friend Deb. We had planned to go to the street market today and after I noticed that they had 2 bikes in the garage, I suggested that we bike the 15 or 20 minutes there. It was awesome! The bikes are nothing special but I think that adds to the adventure. After a tarmac run this morning, I was longing to find some trails and I thought what better way to explore than by bike. After the street market I asked Bailey to humor me by coming on a bit of adventure. The adventure being to find the trail head. So, off we went towards the mountains and eventually we did find the trail head. I am stoked to go explore that in the next day or so. I even went out and bought a bike lock so I could ride there, run, and ride home.

When I told people that I was gong to Palm Springs, I got a lot of responses along the lines of "Palm Springs is for old people" & "There isn't much to do there". However, I think if you have adventure in your blood, there is always something to do! You just have to work a little harder to find it....but in the end, that's all part of the fun.

So, here is to adventure and doing what you love, no matter where you are. Adventure is always just around the corner.

Happy Easter!!!



omg, Palm Springs has soo much adventure! we go 1-2X/ year. We run the Carl Lykken trail almost daily (10 miles), have done the Art Smith trail... and LOVE the ladder canyon hike (I think I have a video on my blog). Wish I knew beforehand... but I know you will find your own adventure! There is a great book on PSP hikes sold in the area. ENJOY !!


Oops, pics not on my blog, sorry. Youtube it- worth the drive (but I am probably too late)